About Me

So I thought I'd finally get to it and introduce myself properly.

I'm Jo, everyone calls me Jo, officially its Joanna, but I'm only ever called this when I'm in trouble!

As you can tell, I love being colourful! You will rarely find me with the same colour hair for too long.

I have 3 beautiful boys, at the time of writing my youngest is 8. He is absolutely ruined, as a younger child should be in my opinion (yes I'm the youngest).  This little boy is diagnosed with ASD and some learning difficulties, but don't feel pity, he is much loved and a very happy and contented little boy who fills all our days with joy.

My middle child is 13. He's the chatterbox of the family, some one had to take my place! There's always some one who will comment about the middle child being ignored......not in this case, we couldn't ignore RJ if we tried!!! He's a full on gamer and would live on the Xbox if I allowed him.  A few years ago we came to realise that he ticks all the boxes for High functioning autism, including being very intelligent. Again a happy little boy who is never happier than when his own company, watching YouTube, or playing a musical instrument.

Finally my eldest who is 18. He is the most laid back, happy go lucky boy that most people have the pleasure to meet! He's recently had some personal struggles, but has made me so proud with how he dealt with it.

Finally the man that helped make the wonderful life I have possible. Where do I start with this man!?  We met when I was just 16.....and he was 25, shocking!! haha.  I'd like to say it was love at 1st sight, but it was more like lust!  We've been together almost 27 years and this July we celebrate 24yrs of marriage.  I cannot express how much I love this man, he works hard, adores his kids and makes me feel beautiful everyday xx

So thats a little summary in pictures about me and mine. From here on in I will be using this blog to voice opinions, strictly my own, vent my problems and just whatever I feel like! 

This is simply the place for me to be myself. 
Hope you enjoy, feel free to share your opinions and comments!


  1. Yay! Well done on getting an About Me page done!

  2. A mum to three boys? I salute you. I am a mum to two and feel blessed but exhausted! Good for you :) x

  3. It's great that you're open and honest about parenting children who have autism...at the end, if they're happy, then that's the end result anyway! Some children just take a slightly more winding road there .. :)
    Power to you, Joanna! xx

    1. Thank you very much, the more people that read, the more will understand and support xx


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