Monday, January 25, 2021

Lockdown Diaries

Ho hum, still going, aren't we?

How is everyone doing?

Here in Wales, we've been locked down since the middle of December. Honestly, I've said this before, it doesn't change things much for us. Our youngest has never been a fan of leaving the house, except for car rides. However, we can talk him into days out, into the city, we also like going out for family meals (not expensive, just our local 2 for 1). Also, me and the hubby like a stroll around the local town, when the boys are in school/college.

That's what I'm missing. I can't even explain my mood at the moment, I can't say I feel down, because I don't. However, the slightest thing can bring on the tears! I am one of those that is struggling to sleep properly, and getting weird dreams when I do. So I feel permanently exhausted, which means I have lost all my motivation to do anything.

Still have to do the home schooling though, which is a challenge in itself. If you're new here, my youngest has autism and has detested school since day 1. Teachers have even come to my door, to help me get him there. There have been years of tears, from both of us!


I started writing this a week ago and things have changed a little since then. I'm still all over the place, sleep and dream wise. However, the school work has much improved! We seem to have found our rhythm, we don't start until around 1pm, then we knock out several tasks.

This craziness is our work area! Works for us though

My son goes to a hub, within a school, and his teachers have been amazing at sending work (using various resources) that are within his abilities. He's finding some of it challenging and some of it fun, the perfect mix. Obviously I can't just leave him to it, I have to sit and work with him the whole time, just like they would in school. I don't put pressure on him, we just work together to get things done. I am finding his confidence is growing so much, particularly in maths.

So, last week, I was feeling 'off'. This week I'm finding my mood better, I'm still just a little exhausted. I think people forget that just because we are stuck at home, my sons needs are still there. The difference is, I'm not getting any respite. Even the weekly shop isn't a break, as I'm trying to stay away from supermarkets, I find the social distancing is non-existent, being diabetic, I'd rather not risk my health.

I hope everyone is doing okay, this isn't an easy time and we all have different things to deal with. Be kind to one another, and to yourself. 

We aren't miracle workers, we are just plodding through the best we can.

love always

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  1. Ahh! I am feeling the same. I haven't been sleeping properly which means I am lacking motivation.
    I am glad the home schooling is a bit better. Well done your boy. We're getting there with it but my youngest needs a lot of nagging to get on with it. Ugh. x


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