Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Happy New Year!

I have claimed back my laptop! Yes, it took me until 2am one morning to clear my son's laptop, so he could use it for college, but it was worth it to have this little beauty back in my possession.

So, how are we all coping, this is a short post today, just a little catch up.

At the time of writing this, here in Wales, we have been in lock down a few weeks, Scotland and England have just gone into tougher restrictions, a full lock down. Quite frankly, the whole country is a shit show. Are you in the 'wallow and worry' camp, or the 'let's find the positives' camp? I'm somewhere in the middle.

With ongoing health issues (diabetes) and a 2 children still at home, I'm being very careful. I worry about their mental health through this, the lack of routine is also a big worry, in a house with autism. However, life is so much more relaxed, with my youngest. He hates leaving the house at the best of times, school has always been a massive issue, he gets so stressed and worried, so staying home has been a brilliant for him.


How was Christmas and New Year? Here it was a mixture of utter joy, from the youngest, and grumpy faces from the 2 eldest! My mi
ddle one almost missed Xmas dinner, because he went back to sleep!? The eldest didn't sleep at all Xmas eve, and had a face like a slapped backside. My youngest, who still believes, was like an excited puppy, I honestly think he's my hero, over the festive period. 

The aftermath of Christmas!

I have a weird superstition around New Years Eve: If you have a bad night, seeing in the new year, the rest of the year goes wrong, so I don't do a lot. It used to be a take-away and a few drinks, at home. Now it's an early night! 

Now we're all back to whatever normal is. Ours is not seeing our children, most of the day, until they are hungry. My eldest has just turned 23, and has forgotten how to use his phone, apparently. The middle one is 18 next week, which is probably the next time he'll leave the pit he calls his bedroom. The youngest turns 13 at the end of the month, and is throwing himself into the practice of being a moody teenager (don't think autism makes a difference to attitude, it just shows in different ways). He just beckons us, as and when we are needed.

Me and the hubby are bored! We are binge watching shows, and getting on each others nerves. 

So, bring it on 2021, whatever you have in store for us, I'm sure we'll get through it!

Love always

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  1. Happy new year to you!
    I am glad we've gone onto a proper lockdown here with the kids staying home too. Home learning has got me stressed but I would rather deal with that than with any of us being ill.
    hahaha! Your teenagers sound a lot like mine. Good luck.
    I am watching so much TV too. I am working my way through all the Marvel films at the moment. x


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