Saturday, December 05, 2020

This weeks reasons to smile!

I'm only a day late this week! Go me. 

I wonder if I'll ever be organised. I like to write when my middle boy is being dropped to work, on a Friday, and I'm home alone. That's gone out of the window, as he has to self isolate. He's fine in himself, but one of his classmates has tested positive. I'll say it again, this virus is affecting our youngsters so bad. He's really struggling, having to be shut away from everyone again.

Anyway, on with my reasons....

1. Christmas Shopping. Although our plans had to change slightly, because of the teen self isolating, we still managed a few hours in the city. It actually felt really safe, the shops are being really good at keeping people social distancing. We got a bit of shopping done, and had coffee and cake

2. More shopping. After a bit of a wobble, last week, we took our eldest out for a bit of a shopping day. We got him some stuff for his place, then helped him move his flat around. He feels it's more his place now, he even has a table he can sit at for dinner. Little changes like this can make a big difference to our mental health. Can't wait to see his new wallpaper up now.

3. Snow! Yes, I woke up today to a flurry of snow. It didn't come to much, but I don't care, I flipping love snow.

4. New hair and nails. Yes, again. I've died my roots a slightly different colour and ordered the next colour ready. I also purchased some Christmas nail decals and added them to red nail varnish. They aren't perfect, but they make me happy.

5. Wearing make up. It's a silly thing, I don't wear make up for others, I do it because it makes me happy. This week I went completely full on, for no reason, and it felt so good.

I'm sure I have some others, it's been quite a good week, but I simply can't remember them right now (I do have a notebook that I write them in, but it's upstairs and I'm not).

As always, I would love to hear what is making you smile this week, however big or small. You can find me all over social media, as Ojosworld.

Lots of love

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  1. Oh no! It really is tough for all the youngsters. I hope your son gets through the self isolating OK.
    We were supposed to be shopping on Monday but have decided against it. I don't fancy putting ourselves at risk sitting on the bus.
    How exciting to have some snow. We had nothing but rain! x


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