Monday, February 03, 2020

Hello February

I have mulled this post over, in my mind, for a couple of days. What I should write? Should I be a bit more 'grown up'?
Then I decided I should just be me, so you can turn away now, or read on for one of my waffles.

Firstly Brexit has happened. The UK has left the European union, how this will affect me, I honestly don't know. I live in a small village, in Wales, that is classed as a deprived area, so I'm hoping things can't get any worse. However (and I did say I would be more opinionated on here), that does not give us the right to be racist. It should never matter what the colour of someones skin is!? The old: "Come over here, taking our jobs" argument is wearing VERY thin. If you are not willing to scrub toilets, tend bar or stack shelves, then someone else will! Don't complain about people working for their money. Also, don't believe all the propaganda you read about benefits. Some may be true, but please sift through the bullshit, if you're going to share your opinion.

Secondly. I thought autism was known about, I thought awareness was out there. Then, just last week, I had someone come to the house, about something that needed fixing, who was totally in the dark. At first I wanted to scream and shout, then I realised a little info might make for more understanding. I just dropped the odd comment in and, hopefully, he left the house a little more aware.

A good friend of mine actually pointed out that she was unaware of the sunflower lanyard.
This is from Sainsburys website

This friend doesn't really know about autism, but always asks me questions, genuinely interested, and she asked me to put the lanyard in a blog post. 

So, here it is: The sunflower lanyard is becoming more popular, I think it started in airports, but has moved into shops and other areas. (However, don't quote me on that, as I'm not totally knowledgeable in that area.) If you request a lanyard the staff, wherever you happen to be, will know that you may need a little extra help, or a little more time, or waiting times may be a struggle for you. It's not specifically for autistic, it's for anyone that may have an 'invisible' disability. I think it's an excellent idea, and shows that, despite what I said above, awareness is getting there.

Now onto me. I've been going through some stuff, that I'm not going to share (shocking I know), simply because I don't know how serious the problem is. Basically my health is still in the shitter, however, I'm still battling through. 
I started Feb with a stinking cold though! 
I decided against setting myself any New Year resolutions, this year, probably for the first time. Boy has it helped my mental health, I've realised I'm not good when I put pressure on myself. I'm still at Slimming World, I'm still not really losing weight, but I'm not gaining either. Considering I'm on so much medication, I rattle when I walk, I'll take that.

The rest of my family is doing incredibly well. My eldest is going to graduate from Uni, this summer, and I can't wait to see what happens next for him. My middle boy is blossoming in college, and has himself an 'as and when needed' Saturday job. My youngest has settled into secondary better that I could've ever anticipated. He's in an Special Recourse Base, which utterly suits him.

Basically, I couldn't be prouder of us all.

I hope 2020 is treating you well.


  1. Being grown up is overrated! You do right being you!
    I have heard so many racist things over the past week or so brought on by leaving Europe.
    I hadn't heard of the sunflower lanyard until just before Christmas.
    I hope you feel better soon.
    It sounds like the kids are doing well. My teen has an as and when needed job too. She's not worked since just after Christmas but should be starting again soon. Well done your youngest! x

  2. So pleased all the kids are doing well Jo, can tell how proud you are. Sorry to hear you're strjfflinf health wise, I hope there's some positive news round the corner and hope that's not insensitive given I have no idea what the issue is! Best wishes anyway:)
    I've heard some nasty things and I despise our media even more now than I ever did before.
    Keep being you waffling and all x

  3. Glad all the family is doing well, and I hope you get on top of your health issues soon x


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