Sunday, September 08, 2019

Sunday Snapshot:

It's been lovely getting back to my blog, this week, but that's not all. It's also great having time to snap some pictures, while out and about.

Taking my son to college, three days a week, means we get some new views:

This isn't even the best angle!

The views we see, travelling to and from school/college are spectacular, well worth the early rises. I can't wait to capture these views, as the leaves start to change colour, it's going to be beautiful.

While waiting for my son, the other day, we popped into town for a nose around. This sculpture caught our eye, it's just stunning:

I didn't get a chance to read the plaque, will have to do that one day. It's a lovely little town, with some great little coffee shops. We went to Sidoli's this time, because it's well known for it's ice-cream and we had Ajax with us.

I'm hoping to take a lot more pictures, over the coming weeks. Do you have a picture, that you are proud of, that you've taken this week?


  1. That really is a beautiful view! I hope school and college are going well for your boys. x

    1. So far, it is. Hopefully it will stay that way x

  2. Oh wow! What an amazing view you have on the college run and that dragon is very impressive x

    1. I'm so lucky with the views, where I live x


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