Saturday, August 31, 2019

Reasons to be Cheerful, the return:

I thought I'd dip my toes back in with a nice, lighthearted, post. This tag has always been one of my favourites, this month Mummy from the heart is running it. 

It's been a rough summer, here at Ojo's world, it's been full of appointments and worries. To give you some idea, we have been to 5 different hospitals, in the last 4 weeks. Not for anything serious, and some of it for others, but still exhausting. 
On top of that, my 2 youngest boys have been off longer than the traditional school holidays. Ajax has been off 4 months, for various reasons and RJ finished in early June, with his GCSE's finished by the end. 

To say we are exhausted would be an understatement! Routine cannot return soon enough, to this house.
Onto my reasons to smile this week:

1. New Beginnings: My middle boy got enrolled in college! He's doing music, mainly based around rock music and he cannot wait to get started. He needed 5 GCSE passes to get in, including Maths and English, he got......12!! I'm so proud, I can't even put it into words. So his dream course starts Monday, I hope it's everything he hoped for.

2. Biggest boy: I can't say too much, because I don't have his permission to talk about him today (I always get permission), however he's told me in the past I can talk about his anxiety. This week he's had a bit of a 'blip', but allowed us to help him through. Knowing that he can always turn to us relieves me no end. Knowing that we are the type of parents that will ALWAYS listen, hopefully, helps him. On top of everything going on for him lately, he still passed his second year of Uni.

3. Not hating my reflection: You know when you catch your reflection in a shop window, just a glimpse? That has always been my version of a horror story. I leave the house thinking I look okay, then I catch that reflection and it makes me feel lousy (it's like that moment you pick your phone up, to take a picture, and the camera is facing you. Yeah, that). Well, the last few times I've accidentally caught my reflection I haven't hated it! Any one that knows me, knows that this is HUGE.

I think those are quite good reasons to smile. On top of those, we have school starting back this week, hopefully. Ajax is renowned for school refusal, so it's with all fingers crossed. On top of that, I have Mr. Ojo, who really has kept me sane, this summer.

Hopefully with the return to routine, will come the return to regular blog never know!
R2BC at Mummy from the Heart


  1. Uh-oh! I hope everything is OK with all the doctors appointments.
    My girls have been off longer than usual too. My teen finished in the middle of June and my youngest towards the end so we could move house.
    Good luck to your son at college and well done with the GCSE results. You have every reason to be proud.
    Well done to your biggest boy at uni. I hope things are better for him soon. x

  2. You have a lovely reflection (on camera). I wish you all a successful and fulfilling academic year. xxx

  3. Lots of parallels between your summer and mine, glad things are looking up for you and your older boys and best of luck to Ajax for the coming school year xx

  4. Gosh massive well done to your middle one with 12 passes, I can dream of that next year for JJ. I hope the back to school regeme goes well and everyone settles. I'm with you, bring back the routine! Mich x

  5. Routine is so important so well done for getting through such a long break! Things sound positive for all of you going forward. I am hoping we get my eldest back in to school for year 11 after being out since January due to anxiety.


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