Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Bad Blogger!

That's what I've been, haven't I?

Honestly, summer holidays have kicked my butt, actually the months running up to it too. There's been GCSE's, lots of missing school (mainly Ajax). Then the summer holidays hit.

We've spent a lot of time together, that's the upside. The downside? A lot of that time has been spent around appointments, amongst other things. Basically, by the time the evening comes around, which is when I usually blog, I'm exhausted! I have not kept up with any of the weekly round ups I enjoy, no reasons to be cheerful, or word of the week. 

Honestly, I'm really tired writing this, which is why it's super short and probably nonsense. I just wanted to let you know that normal service will resume, probably when the children go back to school/college.

Tonight, we are anxiously awaiting results day. Middle boy needs 5, to get on his college course. I am utterly confident he'll get it, but his anxiety is infectious. Once we have those, all the results are done with, as my eldest has passed his 2nd year of university. Phew!

This September will mark a new era for my 2 youngest boys, as my middle starts college and my youngest starts secondary (deep breaths). They are growing, these exhausting summers will soon be a distant, and very fond, memory. It sounds corny, but I really do appreciate how quickly they grow.

Realising this could be the last holiday, with my middle boy, is hard. I remember feeling this way with my eldest, trying to take as many pictures as I could, so I could keep that memory alive. He's now living in his own flat, working and going to university, how did I create that!?

Basically, I am saying, I'm sorry I'm not here often, but summers like this don't come often and are incredibly special.

On the upside, I treated myself to a new Chromebook, this week. Isn't she a beaut:

Any way, let me leave you with some of the pictures from our summer:
Fish and chips, at Penarth pier

My son's scrapbook cover, that his teacher created

Me and the mister at rugby, I detest rugby!

beautiful views on one of our drives

A day at legoland

The boys on a ride

Me, the teen, and darth vader!

Me and him, on our wedding anniversary

An anniversary gift, from the reception at our holiday lodge

The holiday lodge

The middle boys prom

Spending my birthday money

Actually seeing Pink, live!

Wouldn't be me without multi colour curls!

Normal service will return soon!
Much love

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