Saturday, June 08, 2019

Reasons to be Cheerful

Well, for a start, I'm managing to get all my posts written this week, how is that for a reason? 
I've had quite a chilled week, everything has been done at our pace, again that's a simple reason to smile. After weeks of rushing around, appointments here, there and everywhere, slowing down has been lovely.

So, lets have a think about other things that have made me smile this week. As always, joining in with Mummy from the heart.

1. Home Schooling. My youngest isn't in school, at the moment, for reasons I've explained in yesterdays post. However, I'm not going to let his education slide. He pretty much learns at his own pace, in school, so we've continued at his pace at home. It's been very relaxed and he's not stressing at all, for a boy that has hated school, since day one, this is quite an achievement.

2. New hair. I've had my roots done, ready for the adventures the next few weeks will be bringing us. 
I'm always saying it, but I love my hair. I love being a rainbow and never get negative comments, children particularly like it.

3. Dog walks and sunshine. The weather has been a bit temperamental, this past week, but it's been perfect for dog walking.

4. The end of an era, again. My second child is now finished school, just a leavers assembly, in 2 weeks, and he'll be totally done. I'm not a fan of his school, so I'm very happy that's the end of my association with it.


If I'm honest, that's just the reasons that I can think of, off the top of my head. It's just been a happy week, it's been very relaxed at home, with no time frames to stick to.

I hope you've found reasons to smile this week, it really is worth thinking about them, to remind you that it's not all bad.

Much love


  1. A lovely mix of reasons and I can't believe you have two kids finished school now. Great that your youngest is relaxing into home schoolng too. Mich x

    1. Neither can I! lol. My eldest starts his last year of Uni, in Sept x

  2. I also love your rainbow hair. x

  3. Go you getting all your posts written for this week. I've just finished writing mine for next week. Phew!
    I'm glad things have started to slow down and you can relax a little.
    Your new hair looks fab! I am so going to copy when I can find a decent hairdresser!
    My girl has her leavers assembly on Tuesday and then she's done with school. Hooray! x

    1. I never schedule, I write when I feel like it. I wonder if I should consider it lol x

  4. Love your hair! A chilled week sounds idyllic

    1. I wish they happened more often lol x


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