Friday, June 28, 2019

I took a break:

It's been a chaotic few weeks at home, I simply didn't have the time, or the mental fortitude, to write. Life has been such a roller coaster, I think sometimes I forget what we are capable of getting through.

Because I write mostly about myself, it's easy to forget that I am a parent to children with autism. I'm currently juggling two children with conflicting emotions, both slightly overwhelmed. One won't admit it, but is struggling. I can see it, because I've lived with it for a long time, I know an emotional outburst is going to happen, if we don't handle it the right way. 

My youngest has now finished primary, his school doesn't finish for two weeks, but he won't be going back. His school has always been hugely supportive, I honestly cannot praise them enough. However, thanks to a VERY nasty ingrowing toenail, he can't walk properly at the moment and can't wear his shoes. He has a wheelchair, it was given to him through physiotherapy, because long distances are a struggle for him. It's also very useful for the sensory side of things, we can actually get out for a day, because he can close himself off. He puts a blanket over his head, his headphones on, and we can go anywhere.

Anyway, back on point, the school does haven't have health and safety in place for him to use said wheelchair, in school. So basically, he has to miss the last few weeks. I can't say I'm sorry, he's really struggled this year. Some changes have been made in his final year, which he hasn't coped well with at all. I know he has to learn to adapt to change, but some things he simply can't. I mean, he cannot wait to start his next school!? He'll be going back to smaller classes, with more teachers, in a Special Recourse Base. It's basically a special needs unit, within a high school. It's more secure, with everything done at different times to the mainstream, I will be happier too, when he's there.

So, between all the appointments for the youngest boys teeth and feet, issues with being home all the time, the middle boys GCSE's and Prom, my biggest boy gong to Rome (I know he's a grown up, but he's still my baby, and it was his first time on hols without us), paperwork for middle boys college, basically we are knackered.

Next week we are having a little, Mon-Fri, break. Only in Surrey, with Hoseasons, we don't have the money to go far. 
The trip will end in a Legoland, for a day (paid for by us, as I've said before, I'm not an influencer). I honestly can't wait to be away, in a little cabin, with absolutely nothing to do!

So, that's where I've been. I will try to get back to normality..........but with my diary already filling up, I make no promises.

Here's a cute picture of my dog, because he's given me lots of cuddles, in between the chaos.


  1. Welcome back!
    Aww! Your poor boy. It sounds like he's really been through it with his toe. It must be a relief to know he's finished school for the summer. It's great that he's looking forward to the new school. Good luck to him!
    It sounds like things have been hectic. I can see why you too a break!
    Have a fab holiday! You deserve it! x

    1. It's funny that I'm only responding now, because I haven't had time lol xx


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