Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Unpopular Opinion:

I've seen a lot, over social media, about loving your body and not judging others. Now, I don't judge others, never have. If you are fit and well, love whatever skin you're in, if you're happy.

The unpopular opinion, the thing you're not supposed to say:
I don't love my body, or the skin I'm in.

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

I hate that I've always been big.
I hate that I find it so hard to wear make up properly, because the skin on my face is weird.
I hate my big ugly belly, that's covered in stretch marks.
I hate that my hips and butt aren't a feminine shape!

Not all of that is from having children, I was fat long before the children came along, I also had stretch marks from a young age.

Body confidence is a great thing to have, but not all of us have to be happy! I would give anything for something to work for me! We are so quick to judge others, if they want to change the way they look but, honestly, I'd have cosmetic surgery, if I could ever afford it! 

The other thing? It's all well and good, like I said, if you're fit and healthy, but I'm not. I have type 2 diabetes, along with all the other crap that comes with it! I'm a drain on the NHS, I'm the type that people are complaining about, I need to change!

Unfortunately nothing seems to work. I eat my 5 a day (fruit and veg), I exercise regularly, in fact since getting a dog I feel fitter than ever. None of this results in weight loss. I detest the fact that it seems to work for everyone but me!
I just don't understand (and get incredibly jealous) how a healthy lifestyle works for everyone but me!?

I get that we shouldn't compare ourselves to others, I completely agree with it, but if you look in the mirror and don't like what you see, change it! I don't mean starving yourself, or anything else that silly, I mean exercise, eat healthy, enjoy things in moderation. 

So, as much as I agree with being happy with yourself, don't knock those that aren't. Especially if they are changing it up for a healthier lifestyle.

As always, don't judge, you don't know how someone is truly feeling.

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