Thursday, May 02, 2019

Top Ten: Teenagers

Today's top ten is more like a 'ten things'. After a conversation with my teen this morning, it got me thinking about it. This is the second time I've been through the teens, my eldest is now 21. Believe me when I say, the teen years are a real eye opener!

So here goes, my ten things about raising teenagers, I think it may relate mostly to boys, but that's because that's all I know.

Photo by kevin laminto on Unsplash

1. They are never wrong: Typical conversation goes like this:
Him: where are my headphones
Me: aren't they upstairs?
Him: No! I looked up there
Me: but you took them upstairs last night
Him: they aren't upstairs!
This was a conversation, this morning. 
Guess where we found his headphones..........

2: They know everything: See above. Everything you ask, they will know the answer and, they are always right.

3: It's never their fault: "I'm tired" then go to sleep earlier, "that's not the reason!". I mean seriously?! Another one? I'm late, then get up with your alarm, it's not loud enough....or any other reasons why it's not their fault.

4: They are affectionate: when they are broke, hungry, or want something. Honestly.

5: WiFi is god. This is definitely a modern day teen thing.

6: They think they have secrets: I genuinely don't think they realise you were a teen too! They also don't realise they have tells.

7: It's easy to get them to clean their room: Just give them 24 hours, or you'll clean it yourself. This doesn't work so much with my current teen, but worked a dream with my eldest!

8: They don't stop eating. It's a cliche, but it's true! I honestly don't know how we keep up. My fridge is full of microwave burgers, sausage rolls, pasties, snacks. My cupboards full of crisps and tins........on the day of shopping. It doesn't last! This is all eaten besides the main meal, how are they not the size of a house?!

9: They are loud: It doesn't help that my current teen is a guitarist, but it's not just that. They shout at the games their playing, they shout at the TV. Basically they have no idea what an indoor voice is.

10: It's glorious: It really is the greatest time. To watch your children become adults, to teach them how to be decent human beings. To see them fall in, and out, of love. To walk them through the challenges that being a teen brings. Like I say, I have a 21 year old, so I've done this once before. You may be struggling, right now, but it gets better.

Can you relate, have you seen the eye rolling, the subtly changed swear words?
Do you have any you can add?


  1. YES to all of this! They really think they know it all!
    I turn the wi-fi off until the bedrooms are tidied. hehehe
    As annoying as they are, they are wonderful creatures x


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