Thursday, May 09, 2019

Top Ten: Favourite shops

I do love my little, weekly, top ten. It's just a bit of fun, a bit of light relief from this chaotic world we are living in.

This week I've decided to do my favourite shops, not food shops, but the other things in life. I used to hate clothes shopping, it's still not my favourite thing, but finding frugal ways to shop is fun.

Anyway, here's my top ten:
(I'll add a link to websites)

1. Betty's Boutique: If someone comments on what I'm wearing, or some jewellery I have on, this is normally where I've bought it from. Unfortunately, she is suffering from the failing of our local town and is having to close the shop. Fortunately, she has a website up and running. I'm so glad I'm not going to lose the ability to shop with this local business! She has a variety of products, with very reasonable prices, being a frugal shopper, she's been a firm favourite for a long time, hence being 1st on my list.
One of my Betty's tops.

2. Primark: I mean, who doesn't?! The shopping bags I can leave there with, for £50, is incredible. I can't wait to spend the day at the massive one, in Birmingham, England.

3. Ikea: Need I say more? I can spend the day there, thanks to the cafe (I mean, meatballs?!). I haven't had time to go there, for quite a while, I'm actually running out of tea lights!

4. Matalan: This is one a lot of people forget about, I love it for clothes as much as Primark. I've recently bought my sons full prom outfit from there, including shoes. I find the quality and sizing really good too.

5. Poundstretchers: I love it for the home stuff. I'm off down there tomorrow, looking for a reasonably priced blanket box!

6. Pound shops: Just any of them, really. Being a frugal shopper, you really can't beat them for your cleaning products. Also, great for car sweets and activities, when you're going on a long journey.

7. Lindy Bop: I adore their vintage dresses! If I have a special occasion to dress for, this is where I tend to head. Great fitting dresses, with that little bit of give, great if the special event includes a meal!
Wearing one of my Lindy Bop dresses, in London.
Also carrying a Betty's Boutique bag!

8. The Range. It's another shop I can lose myself in. It sells everything! I love going there at Christmas, it's great for a couple of, reasonably priced, unusual gifts.

9. Asda. Not just for food! I love it for the underwear, yup, you read that right. It's one of the only places I can buy inexpensive bras, that are pretty. Buying good underwear can make you feel good, at least it does for me.

10. Smyths Toys. It has to make the list, because my youngest would happily live there! He's a huge Lego fan, something I can always find here. Granted it doesn't have the range of the actual Lego store, but going there costs me twice as much.
There are so many other places I shop, that save me money. Like my local chemist, that sells all sorts, at reasonable prices, but they aren't accessible to everyone, like those named above.

I've added links to all the names, so you can take a peak, just click their names. This isn't an ad, no one is paying me, I'm just sharing my love of these places.

Do share if you can name any other, money saving, shops. I do love a bargain!


  1. A lot of these are my favourite shops too. I have a confession to make though. I have never been in an Ikea or even shopped online with them. Eek!

    1. No Way!? Maybe it's best you don't, you might get addicted too x


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