Friday, May 03, 2019

This weeks word:

This weeks word, the word that sums it up perfectly, is a favourite word in this house. It's a word that is overused because it's so important:

Such a blissful word. A word that means balance is restored, even though it doesn't necessarily make my boys happy, being back in school, it certainly helps their mood overall.

I really cannot explain how much routine makes a difference to our lives, and not just because of the autism aspect. I am happier because I have a better sleep pattern, because I get up at a set time and go to bed earlier. I get to walk the dog, on the school runs, which means music in my ears and more fresh air. 

Obviously it affects the boys in a positive way. Knowing their day is timetabled helps them cope. Neither of my younger two have ever coped particularly well with changes, they have to be scheduled in, no surprises. Even days out have to be precise, almost with an itinerary, because anything that upsets the flow, upsets them.

I know a lot of children like to know what's happening when, but with autism in the household, it ramps it up. During school holidays they won't do anything, unless it's properly organised, warned about well in advance and precisely planned.

Honestly, it takes the fun out of some things, but adds a different kind of fun. They relax and enjoy, because they know what's happening when.

So routine brings us happiness, what more can you ask for?


  1. You're right about children liking routine, autistic or not. It's something I had to work at when my lot were little, as I prefer the opposite. Before children, meals happened when I'd finished what I was doing. I realise that was a luxury as it doesn't work when you add children into the mix. I'm glad you are enjoying the routine again. (Your feet story in your Instagram stories this week, had me giggling) #wotw

  2. Ahh! I do love routine! I think everyone in my house is happier when we're in one. x

  3. Routine can be such a positive thing. So glad that it works so well for you and that it’s helped to make last week a good one. #WotW

    1. Thank you, I love a bit of routine x

  4. I so agree, things are so much happier in our home when we have routine. x


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