Thursday, May 30, 2019

Ten things Thursday

It's not easy thinking of ten things each week, so if you think of any you'd like to see, do let me know. I enjoy doing these random little posts.

This week, I thought I would do and 'about me' ten things, for those that are not regular readers, or are new to my blog. This isn't a 'I like gin' type of post, more in depth than that.

So, before I begin, this is me:

Yes, I have multi-coloured hair, this is not really news.

1. I went grey at a very young age. I was around 15 when I first spotted a grey hair, apparently it's hereditary, my Nan and my mother went grey very young, I'm waiting to see which one of my boys will follow me! The weird fact though, some parts of my hair are going dark again?! 

2. I met my husband when I was 16. It would be all over social media, if we did it now. I was 16, he was 25 (add your shocked faces here). We met in a pub, I was a bit of a wild one, a handful that made my mother's hair even greyer. 

3. I got married right after my 19th birthday. Our wedding was in between our birthdays, 2 weeks after my 19th birthday. I smile now, when I here people saying 'ooh they are too young to be serious', I've been with my hubby 30 years, married 27, age is irrelevant, if you are truly in love.

4. I was homeless for quite some time. Although I didn't have to sleep on the street, I did sofa surf for over a year. I was 16, in love and thought I knew everything. I didn't. I have lived in some horrific situations, but I survived. Me and the mister got our first flat, just after my 17th birthday. The rent was the grand amount of.........£45, which included utilities. Can you imagine that now?

5. It took me 6 years to conceive my first child. I wanted a child from the age of 18, after suffering miscarriage after miscarriage, too many appointments to count, and some intimate operations, I finally got pregnant at 24. I found actually having a baby very hard, for the first few months, thankfully me and my mam were back on good terms, I don't know how I would of got through it without her.

6. I knew nothing about autism, until I had my youngest. Even though there were diagnosed children, within the family, it was a very steep learning curve! In fact, we are still learning every day.

7. I went back to school, as an adult, to resit my English and Maths GCSE. Unfortunately I couldn't resit my English Literature, which I was looking to get an A, because of a job I was in. They were pretty horrible, which leads me to the next one.

8. I didn't get bullied, until I was an adult. I had the usual name calling, by some, in school, but it was never enough to actually upset me. The bullying I received in my one job, however, led me to a nervous breakdown. I am totally anti-bullying now, which is why it hurt so bad when a 'friend' said I was a playground bully. I don't think it's your actions, but how the other person feels, that makes you a bully. That's why it got to me so much, because I made someone feel that way.

9. On a lighter note, I love horror films. I come across as quite 'straight laced', I think, but my favourite thing to do, when chilling out, is a horror. The cheesier the better! I even enjoy the bad ones.

10. I gave up smoking 7 years ago, then started vaping 5 years ago, to stop me going back. I know that if I didn't vape, I would go back. Even now, if I walk past smokers, I inhale.

So, is there anything in there you didn't know? I would love you to share your opinions. Also, what shall next weeks top ten be about?


  1. When I think of you I think of her with the rainbow hair. hehehe
    Oh wow! Now a days that would be shocking the age difference between you and your hubby but it just goes to show that sometimes it does work out.
    That is horrible about the bullying that you suffered.
    I am a vaper too! The only time I smoke is when I'm on a night out and I've had a couple of drinks. All my friends smoke so the temptation is too much. hehehe It's a good job I don't have too many nights out.
    I have been reading your blog a long while and I learned so much about you reading this!

    1. I haven't tested the vaping, with a group of smokers yet! I'm not sure I could stay strong either x


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