Sunday, May 19, 2019

Cheerful Sunday Snaps

I've been a bit 'away with the fairies' this week, so I've combined my reasons to be cheerful, with my Sunday Snapshots.

I've read some bad news, this week, about a fellow blogger, and it truly hit me for six. At first I thought writing a reasons post would be thoughtless and frivolous. Then I remembered that he was always helping people with their mental health, and this is something that helps me.

Something that always makes me smile are the views around where I live. Since I started taking pictures, the rest of my family have started to appreciate the area. The next three pictures are from my husbands phone, as I was driving at the time.

Would you believe they were taken just 10 minutes drive from Newport? If you know anything about South Wales, you will know that Newport is classed as a city, can you imagine seeing that elsewhere? Simply beautiful.

The next photo is off my hubby's phone too (he's been quite snap happy, lately). I think it shows how much love there is, between me and my dog, and just how happy he makes me.

Final reason, this week? The woman that swore she would never run..............has started the couch to 5k!! Yup, I started it this week, wish me luck. There was no big decision, just that I feel I'm getting fitter, the dog walks aren't fast enough for me, so this was the next step (get it??). Anyway, the first day didn't put me off, so I'm hoping my fitness keeps improving.

I hope you've found reasons to smile, this week, and that you have been snap happy.
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  1. You do live in such a beautiful part of the world. The views are amazing!
    Go you! Good luck with the running! x

  2. It's been a very sad week with all the news about him and our friend too. That's a beautiful part of the world #mysundaysnapshot

  3. Yay massive well doen with the Coach to 5K, I hope you enjoy it. I love the views where you live. Mich x

  4. I'm so pleased to hear you are doing the Couch to 5k! I really hope it works out well for you.
    Beautiful photos taken through the car window! And what a gorgeous photo of you and the dog.

    1. It has felt okay so far! Thank you x

  5. Well done on the coach to 5k, baby steps. Lovely selection of photos you have chosen this week X #mysundaysnapshot

  6. Way to go on the couch to 5K I think I need to do this. x #mysundaysnapshot

  7. Such beautiful scenery - looks very similar to where I live (in the Lakes). Thanks for sharing and for linking up with #MySundaySnapshot.

  8. Its a lovely part of the UK! Yay to couch to 5k and glad you are being positive about mental health after the tragic events. x


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