Thursday, April 18, 2019

Top Tens: Home Improvements

I thought I'd try something different, on here: My top tens.
Basically, each week I'm going to list my Top Ten, on a range of subjects. 
There is no specific reason for this, it's simply that I like writing, so I found something to write about!

So, this weeks top ten?
Top Ten improvements I'd make to my house:

No.1 New ceilings! Would you believe most of my ceilings are wallpapered! Yup. We've simply never had the money to have them plastered.

No.2 Fully tiled bathroom. Whatever I put on my walls, in the bathroom, comes off. Wallpaper peals, paint bubbles, it's horrible. I would love to have the full bathroom tiled.

No.3 New Carpets. Throughout, every room, fully fitted. That's genuinely bliss to me!

No.4 New Guttering. I think it's the part of the house that most people forget about. I have such old guttering, I would love to have it all replaced with PVC.

No.5 New wardrobes. I'd love fitted wardrobes in my room, and better wardrobes for the boys.

No.6 Built in storage. Under the stairs, in our house, is the most unloved, useless, waste of space. Proper storage built in there would be so much better.

No.7 A new roof on my conservatory. A proper, solid, roof, so the heat is better moderated.

No.8 A proper drive. We have a dropped pavement, but only gravel, for a drive. I'd have it all done properly, a good solid hard standing.

No.9 A new cooker. I have a separate hob and oven, if I had to choose one, I'd have the hob replaced. One of the rings doesn't work, so it's more a necessity at this point, however, it's not cheap.

No.10 New furniture. Just some bits. I'd like some nice cabinets in the bathroom, some shelving in my kitchen, new storage furniture for all the Lego! 


So that's my top ten house wish list, now can anyone suggest how I could do that, for under £100, that would be great!

Do you have anything, in your home, you'd like to change?
Do you have something you'd like me to do a top ten on?
Comment on here, or social media.

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