Thursday, April 25, 2019

Top Ten TV

Carrying on the Top Ten, which I've decided to do once a week, this week I'm doing TV shows.

I have to be honest, I love a bit of television, it's rarely off in my house. That started when the hubby worked stupidly long hours, while the children were in school, or napping, it would be a bit of company. I would clean up, with it on in the background and it was something to watch, while doing the ironing (my most hated job, around the house).
With the introduction of streaming services there is now so much choice too. 

Photo by Andres Jasso on Unsplash
Since Mr. Ojo was retired, through disability, it's become something we can enjoy together, a good movie to watch, then chat about after.

So here are my top ten TV shows, the ones I'd hate to miss:

1. This Morning. I still love it on, in the background, whilst I'm cleaning, I guess old habits die hard. I just like the fun, the chat, watching the fashion that I'll never wear/fit in! 

2. Blue Bloods. I've seen every episode, so far. I love a bit of crime drama, it's also my favourite type of book to read. I do love Tom Selleck too, I remember him from Magnum PI, in the 80's!

3. Law and Order SVU. Another one I've seen every episode of. The characters have developed over time, and I've been along for the journey. It's a hard watch, as so much seems to be based on stories from the papers. 

4. Grey's Anatomy. A break away from the crime drama, straight to a hospital drama! I remember watching the first episode, never thinking it would still be going all these years later. One of the few shows that can actually make me cry.

4. NCIS. The original and Los Angeles, never got into the New Orleans one, no idea why. 

5. 911. This one is quite a new one, only just into the second series. I just like that it's a small cast, that you get to know really well.

6. Game Of Thrones. Yes, I'm a fan, but only in the last year. I was told over and over, that I would love this show, so was the hubby. We finally gave in, and ended up binge watching every series! I can't believe it's nearly over, and will be reading the books when it's all done.

7. The Chase. Yes, a quiz show. Both the hubby, and I, never miss an episode, we even record it to watch in the evening, if we are busy.

8. True Crime shows. Any real crime shows, if the description grabs my interest. I love shows like 24hrs in police custody, where it really shows the workings of a police investigation.

9. The Great British Bake off. I'm so jealous of their abilities!

10. Great British Sewing Bee. It got a revamp, this year, with Joe Lycett presenting. I loved the new energy he brought to the show. I love sewing, but I'm not particularly good, so I'm also jealous of the ability shown on this show.

You may have noticed a distinct lack of Soap operas and reality shows, they just aren't my bag, at all. I've never watched an episode of Love Island, or any shows like The Only Way Is Essex, I have no idea who any of those people are, when I see them on other shows!

After seeing my list, have you got any recommendations?


  1. I have This Morning on every morning while I'm pottering about the house. I love it and I am loving Game of Thrones. I only got into it a couple of years ago. I will be so sad to see it end x

    1. I am sad it's ending, but I can't wait to see how it ends! x


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