Saturday, April 20, 2019

Reasons to be Cheerful 20/04

The blog link up has been moved to a Saturday, which suits me fine, I write when I feel like it anyway lol.
It's always nice to look for the things that make you smile, whether it's a good day, or bad. Fortunately, I've had quite a pleasant week. Ajax is a little bit sensitive, at the moment, I think it's due to the lack of routine. I know it will be tough getting him back into school too, but I have another week before I have to worry about that.

So, my reasons to smile, this week:

1. Family. Yes, I wrote about it yesterday (here), but it's a reason too! Even today, before writing this, I spent a few hours with my mother. Just wandering around town, chatting away, a nice cuppa, then back to hers for another cuppa. It's lovely to spend time with you nearest and dearest, just to remind you, and them, you're worthy.

2. More Colour! Yup, the roots have been done, another different colour:
I'm not going to lie, the picture doesn't do the brightness of my hair justice. I have absolutely no reason for doing this, except the utter joy it gives me, to have rainbow hair. I also love that it makes little children smile, I just tell them they have to wait for their own mid-life crisis!

3. Car rides. We've been here, there and everywhere, this past week. I forgot to mention, Mr. Ojo has his new mobility car, he's loving life and so is Ajax, who loves a car ride:
Is that not a face of pure joy? How could you not love taking him out?

Finally, the beautiful spring weather. Anyone that knows me, will know, I don't like the sun, it doesn't agree with me at all. Being a 45 year old woman, I sweat enough as it is! I still love seeing others enjoying the sunshine though, particularly Mr. Ojo, who just loves sitting in the garden, or pottering with his plants.

I hope you're enjoying spring, and finding other reasons to smile.

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  1. I love the hair! I made the mistake of showing my youngest your Instagram account with all the photos of your rainbow hair. She wants hers done exactly like yours over the summer holidays. Eek!
    Ajax looks so happy in the car! Hooray for the new mobility car!
    I love the idea of the warmer weather but I am not a fan at being out in it. The kids are loving it though x

    1. Oh dear ,tell her she had to wait, for a mid life crisis lol x

  2. So many fabulous reasons and of course family is the best one, I love those times just doing normal things, but really enjoying them with people you love. Your hair looks fab too, my daughter is very envious. Mich x

    1. I get a lot of that, from the young ones lol. Yes, family is the best x

  3. As usual, love the hair! Lovely reasons, we are getting a new mobility car soon will fit us all in. At last! Lovely reasons Jo x

    1. A car to fit you all will be perfect! x


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