Friday, April 19, 2019

My Word of the Week:

This week has been our first week of the Easter holidays, and what a week it's been!
I feel like we haven't stopped, but it's been surrounded by my lovely lot, so it's all good.

So this weeks word is:

Photo by James Besser on Unsplash

Monday I sent middle boy off to London, with the school. It was with the science dept, however, I don't think they did anything scientific. It's a lovely bit of chill out time, however, before the real work begins. He only has 5 full school days left, then the GCSE exams begin, in earnest. At least he has another week of the Easter break left.

Because he was having a little break, the little one had a break too. He stayed at his big brothers flat overnight, a real treat for him. His big bro did say, unfortunately, he didn't find it as fun this time! (ever honest).

This left me and the mister completely child free. We had big plans: We were going to the cinema, out for dinner, just enjoying each others company. As the day came closer though, the plans became more and more simplified.
What we actually ended up doing: Buying a supermarket takeaway box meal, getting into our pj's by 3pm and watching a movie, on the TV.

Who says we don't know how to live!?

Tuesday, we picked up Ajax, and took his big brother shopping. Then it was out for a bit of lunch, at our favourite local cafe (Woodies).

We all needed an early night, I don't think the little one sleeps when he's at his brothers! Too busy having fun.

Wednesday we had a lovely afternoon in Cardiff, just a bit of retail therapy. It was lovely, especially as biggest boy joined us, just for the last hour. 

Back home, it was all about dog walking and Lego building.

Later that evening middle boy came home from London, catching us up with all the fun he'd had, particularly as the last day was in Thorpe Park! I don't know where my boys get their love of rides from, I hate it!

Thursday wasn't so much fun, it was a the family trip to the dentist. Middle boy discovered he still had a baby tooth (he doesn't now) and Ajax wasn't having a particularly good day. My eldest spent the day with my mam, helping in the garden, something they both enjoy. My mam popped in later in the evening, for a fleeting visit, after dropping him off. She didn't stop long, I don't think we were good company, all being a bit exhausted.

Finally to today, we all visited my dad and his partner. It's normally a lovely drive up, unfortunately, with it being good Friday, the roads were a little hectic. 
We had a lovely hour though, even with my dog escaping! (the chase was like a bad sitcom lol).

Basically the whole week has been about spending time together. It's been chaotic and busy, but absolutely wonderful.

Have you managed some family time this week?


  1. It's lovely to have family time isn't it, and to get rid of the kids sometimes, it sounds like you've had a good week (well apart from the dentist) Have a lovely Easter x

  2. Oh gosh! I haven't even thought about when my teen finishes school for her GCSE's. I know she gets some study time before they start. I must find that out.
    Eek! What a treat for your little one. I hope his big brother is not too put off having him again.
    A supermarket takeaway box meal, pj's and a movie sounds perfect to me!
    My youngest has been told if she still has any baby teeth at the next dentist check up, they're getting pulled. She's not happy.
    It sounds like you've had a lovely week x

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    2. The baby tooth came out very easily thankfully! It really was a lovely night x

  3. Nice to have time with all the family. Lovely to have some time to yourselves too. The dentist and dog escape sounds dramatic. Good luck to your middle one with his exams. Hope you have a good week. #wotw


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