Saturday, April 06, 2019

Let's talk Autism

There are so many misconceptions about autism, I thought I'd share my view on it. Firstly, let me just say, I knew nothing about autism, until one of our family members (not my son) was diagnosed. It was something that hadn't even entered my peripheral vision. It was a big learning curve, especially for her mother, which I'm pleased to say she's nailing, her daughter is now in her teens and thriving.

After that, a number of new babies came into the family, with the signs of being on the spectrum. I firmly believe that it's genetic, I don't have any medical proof, there's no science behind it, it's just observing our family.

When my youngest was diagnosed, it was because he was showing the typical signs:
Lining up his toys,
delayed speech,
delayed development,
not responding when spoken to.
The list can go on, he was showing the signs that we all hear about.

However, that all changed, as we learnt more!

Not every child will line toys up etc etc. It's called a 'spectrum' for a reason. There is an array of things you may notice but, just because a child is not displaying them all, does not mean they aren't autistic. Same goes, that your child could be doing one or two of the things on the spectrum, it doesn't mean they are autistic. Basically each child, with autism, will have a pick and mix, from the spectrum.

Something else you learn, when you become a parent to a child with Autism? 
You are going to keep learning!

My boy is a joy to be around, he is forever smiling. 
When he cries (his version of a 'meltdown'), it would break the hardest hearts in half.

He is funny and intelligent, 
he is also anxious and shy.
He won't even talk to people he knows, because he doesn't know what the reaction might be.

He doesn't hug,
except his dad, who's lap he would spend all day sitting on.

He is super talkative,
unless I'm not around, then you'll barely hear his voice.

He is constantly on the move (stimming), running back and forth,
but some days he will barely leave his bedroom.

He is a voracious reader,
but only factual books. He's not a fan of fiction.

He loves his music on his headphones, in the car, with the windows wide open (noisy, right?), 
yet loud noises freak him out, he can't cope.

So tell me, what do you know about autism? 
I'm still learning!

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