Tuesday, April 09, 2019

How do you deal with Stress?

Did you know that April was stress awareness month? I didn't, until a friend told me. She runs her own company that offers therapies, to try to reduce your stress, as well as being an award winning tattooist (you can find her fb page HERE).
By the way, this isn't an advert, we really are friends.

She is offering advice, on her page, this month, about helping you deal with stress, which obviously got me thinking (being the total stress head I am), so I decided to throw in my two pence worth.

The definition of stress, in this sense is: a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.

I think, the one thing we all try to do, is avoid stress, but personally I think that is the wrong attitude. Stress is a part of our lives, there is no escaping it, so we are better off learning how to deal with it. 
The question is, how do you deal with it?

I think the best advice? 
Find your own way, whatever works.

My big example of that: Recently I've read a lot about 'finding your tribe', the people you can turn to when it all hits the fan. I do agree with that, to a certain extent, unless it doesn't work for you! I have found solitude much more relaxing. Walking my dog (my biggest stress reliever), with my headphones in, puts me at complete peace.

The same goes for exercise, we all know that getting moving releases endorphins, the brains own happy hormone. However, if sitting down with a book, or a game on your phone, relaxes you, then do it!

There are so many things that we stress about, that don't really matter. So, you've worked all day, then you come home to spend an hour in the kitchen preparing dinner, so you can eat with your family. You stress about getting the right nutrients into them, spending quality time together etc etc. Would it really hurt, occasionally, to grab a take away and watch a movie together? I bet that's the evenings your children will remember.

I'm no expert, in pretty much anything, actually. Like most of us parents, I'm winging it, on a daily basis. However, I have a 21 year old who, in my unbiased opinion, is pretty awesome! So I can't be doing too bad, right?!

The other piece of advice I'd give: If it's causing you stress, but doesn't really need to be in your life, cut it out. 
Choose what's important to stress about. Even people can cause you undue stress, so don't allow them in your life.

I find the school runs stressful, so much so, I take my dog on them, so I don't have to go on the yard. I wasn't able to do that today, so I wore my headphones. I CHOSE not to let it stress me, it is possible, and surprisingly easy, when you make the decision.

Do go look at my friends Facebook page, she is offering great tips, throughout the month. 
Just remember, it's one small thing, in a long life. 
If it's not important, don't let it bring you down.

Peace out.

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