Wednesday, March 20, 2019

What a week!

And it's only Wednesday!?

Photo by Callie Gibson on Unsplash

So, where do we begin? Me and Mr. Ojo had another weekend at the rugby (yay!), we drove up to London on Saturday, then back on Sunday. I'm not going to lie, one night in a Travelodge restores quite a lot of my energies. I truly believe that having breaks, as a couple, keeps you both sane. It's a great way to remember that you are more than just 'mam and dad', you're actually a couple too. My breaks away are never expensive, quite frankly, a bed, a shower and a kettle, we are happy. I got to read (yes, at the rugby again), relax and, best of all, no late night/early morning wake ups.

Anyway, as nice as it is, it's still exhausting for the Mister, travelling back and forth, then getting home and diving straight into the normality of baths, toilet issues, school prep etc etc. So by Monday morning, we were already knackered.

I had promised my biggest boy I would help him clean his flat, on Monday, too. I don't really class this as a chore though, he knows I've been dying to clean it out for ages! His 2nd flat mate had moved out, the day before, thank goodness. That's 2 flatmates he's had, that seem to have no concept of paying bills, or paying their own way in general! He's better off on his own and, now I've been down there, he's cleaner too. It was another fun thing to do, especially spending the day with him, but also exhausting.

By the time we'd got the boys home, Monday, we were too tired to do much more than crash. So we did.

Tuesday, during the day, we still kind of chilled. At, nearly 46, my hormones have decided they are no longer menopausal. Instead I am now as regular as clockwork again, which means, once a month I am utterly floored (Yes, I'm one of those unfortunate women). I mean, I still did 4 school runs and walked the dog, but in between I sat on a chair, feeling extremely sorry for myself, dosed up on pain killers.

Tuesday evening, we couldn't put off the weekly food shop any longer. Thanks to Asda having self scanners now, the type you scan and pack as you shop, means Ajax can shop with us again. He's so focused on the cost of the shopping building up, and actually scanning each item, he's too distracted to get overwhelmed. So off we go, leaving the teen at home, with the dog. 

Shopping went without a hitch.......until we got home.

I asked the hubby to drop me up the road, because I had to pop into the chemist. When I got back down the road, the boys were looking on edge: The mister had caught his head, on the boot of the car. There was a lot of blood (which utterly freaks out Ajax), and the mister had a nice hole in his head!

Thankfully, although he was slightly out of it, Mr. Ojo had the sense to keep the boys calm. I came in and cleaned him up, then kept an eye on him for the rest of the evening.

Ajax was fairly calm, but still a little on edge. After a few hours he asked me if his dad was ok. I explained that I had been watching him, and all was good.
To which he responded:
"Mom, don't leave him on his own again"
Believe me kid, I won't!

On top of all this, my mam is feeling a little poorly, which I will worry about FAR more than she will!
Today, we have mostly binge watched Netflix.
Well, besides the 4 school runs, dog walking, dog catching (he escaped into a neighbours garden) and a washing delivery to the biggest boy.

Can it be Saturday again please??


  1. The little breaks sound lovely. Even one night away would be amazing!
    I love cleaning other peoples homes just not my own. hahaha It's less of a chore when it's somewhere different.
    Poor Mr. Ojo. I hope his head is OK now.
    It sounds like a hectic week. x

    1. A night away is a godsend, just time to be you. I've offered to clean again haha x


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