Friday, March 08, 2019

Not giving a........

Around a week ago I shared a picture of this book:

I'd picked it up from the local library, if I'm honest, as a bit of a joke. My youngest son, who wouldn't swear if his life depended on it, thought I should have it, so I did. I'm not one for self help books, I don't think they are bunkum, they just aren't for me.

This one, however, is speaking to me!

For the sake of decency, I will replace the main word with fudge. (This is what I say in the house around the youngest).

If you aren't one for foul language and, very, straight talking, this probably isn't the book for you. The guy that wrote it genuinely does not give a fudge. Me? I've realised, over the past few months, this book is how I've started to live my life. Which probably explains why I'm so much happier!

I speak, in passing, to people that don't like me, or I'm not fussed on. Not because I'm being petty, or trying to get their back up, but because: not liking me doesn't make them bad people! Basically, I 'got over myself'. Not everyone is going to like you, your personality is going to piss some people off! We also all change, our lives are not a straight line, it's all twisty and turny, friendships come and go. Move on, stop giving a fudge, I have.

I have multi-coloured hair, because I like it. There is no deep and meaningful reason for it, I just love it. I don't give a fudge what others opinion of it is, why should I?!

Tomorrow I'm going to watch England play rugby, at Twickenham. Do you want to know something? I hate sport! I've grown up in a family where my brothers sports dragged us all over the place. Then I married a sports mad man, I had 3 boys, one of which is football and motor racing mad (I saved the other 2). I am sick to the back teeth of sport, all kinds! 
Why am I going, you ask? 
Because my hubby is disabled, and we couldn't find anyone else to go with him, so I am. My mother also suggested a couple of nights, either side of the match, would be a good break, who am I to argue?
Do you know what I will be doing, at the match, tomorrow? I will be sat, close to the front............reading my kindle!
Yes, you read that right.
Do you know why?

Because I no longer give a fudge!

Have a weekend all.


  1. I love this! Good on you not giving a fudge. We should give less fudges about everything! I think the world would be a happier place for it. Have fun reading your kindle tomorrow. x

    1. I think we'd all be happier giving less fudges! I shall look forward to an afternoon with my kindle xx

  2. Ah love this Jo! I need to see if I can get a copy if this!

  3. Perfect, I will visualise you in about an hour with kindle in hand in the stadium, I just hope you can keep warm (That's why I don't go to watch sports events)

    1. I was wrapped in my lovely thick shawl! Very snuggled and engrossed in my book x


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