Thursday, March 21, 2019

A quick follow up:

I thought I'd write a quick follow up to my post, from a few days ago: Bad mam, or good? (Click link, if you haven't read).

Today I had a meeting with the school, and it couldn't have been more different to what I expected. I think I went in with preconceived ideas, because I was nervous. I always get nervous when I think there's going to be confrontation.

However, confrontational was the LAST thing you could call this meeting. I got a meeting with the SENco and the head teacher and, after saying my little bit, they brought Ajax in. 

Bless him, they did everything to make him comfortable! He came in a bit tearful, he probably thought he was in trouble, for such a good kid, he's always worried about being in trouble. He totally relaxed, and actually started talking! The headteacher even commented that it was the most they'd ever heard him speak. 

Thankfully, they DO know my boy, they know what works. He was distracted by Lego and Blu-Tak, so we could get to the bottom of his worries. 

The outcome? A lovely one page profile will be made up, so that we can work together to make him happier, in his last few months. When I left the school, he was more relaxed than I'd seen him, in a while.

I'm glad I got this meeting, it's alleviated to many of my worries. It's reminded me that the school DO understand my boy, some of the things said, in passing, reminded me of why I've had so much respect for them.

Hopefully things will improve, for Ajax, now.

Now, I must remind myself that it's not always as bad I think it's going to be!


  1. That's brilliant always great to hear when things go the way they should. As usual when you least expect it.

  2. Ahh! That is great news! It sounds like everyone is wanting the best for Ajax and they understand him which is all you can ask for. I hope things are better for him soon x

    1. He's already been a bit brighter, so fingers crossed x


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