Thursday, November 01, 2018

Will you get sick of me?!

So, I've decided to attempt something! It's called 'Blog every day in November' or #BEDN, run by Elizabeth Dhokia (if you feel like joining in, or seeing what it's about, click her name).

So, will you get sick of me??

She offers a prompt everyday, that you can choose to follow, or write as you please. I'll probably follow the prompts, as I'm low on ideas lately!

Today's is Something new and Personal.

So what can I share, that you don't already know?! I mean, I write everything on here, don't I? So shall I write this as an introduction to any new readers? Yes, I think I will.

Firstly, this is me:

Yes, I have rainbow hair. My hair is permanent, it would need to be dyed out to be anything else. I have a new colour added to my roots, every couple of months, which gives the rainbow effect. It's actually had another colour added, since this picture was taken.

I was a long term nail biter, until my lovely nail technician (who, like my hairdresser, happens to be a friend too) put acrylics on me, one Christmas. My nails grew out, underneath, and have gone from strength to strength! They currently look like this:

Yes, I had Frankenstein nails, for Halloween! The Christmas ones start next.

I don't know why I started a blog, I was inspired by others that I'd read, and went with it. It's become my outlet, I don't write as much as I used to, but still love it so much! My blog name was created by accident, when she was little one of my great nieces called me Aunty Ojo, the name stuck for all future children in the family. So that's how Ojo's World was born, on a whim and a prayer!

I'm actually a parent of 3 boys, I suppose you could say they all have various needs. 
My eldest, who's about to turn 21(!?) has anxiety and depression. I have mentioned him, in the past, with his permission. He had it extremely tough, through the teen years, but is now doing incredibly well. His own flat, a job, University and a beautiful girlfriend. I'm so bloody proud of him! His problems haven't gone, he's just learnt to deal with them. He's currently nailing Uni, with a magnificent artistic streak, which I'm guessing he inherited from my mum.

My middle boy will soon turn 16, he's the musician. If you go to Ojosworld on facebook, you'll find a couple of videos of him playing. He has an incredible talent for music, which I'm hoping he gets from me! What you don't know is that he has high functioning autism, and has worked bloody hard to get where he is. We didn't know he was autistic, when he was younger, but with our support has really blossomed as a teen. He was never officially diagnosed, I've left the decision to get that, with him, when he's an adult.

Then there's my youngest, my little Ajax. He is an absolute sweetheart! He has autism, with related learning difficulties, amongst other diagnosis that come with his condition. I can't say life is always easy, but his smile makes everything a damn sight easier. He can light up a room, cannot handle bad behaviour and has a laugh that will brighten your day. I don't know what the future holds for him, but right now he's just awesome.

After all that, how could I forget the Mr! He is the king of bad jokes, a brilliant father, a man that makes you laugh and want to knock his block off, in equal measure! He is my biggest supporter, in everything I do. He was retired, due to disability, a few years ago, this hasn't stopped him smiling.


So that's me! 

Other things:
I'm forever on a diet, yet never slim.
I am super friendly, yet quite timid.
I'm forever talking, yet rarely leave the house.
My best friend (apart from the Mr), is this blog.

What else do you need to know?


  1. I feel like I have been reading your blog forever but it is nice to know more about you!
    It sounds like your eldest is doing so well. You must be very proud of him, in fact all of your boys sound like they're doing great.
    Good luck with #BEDN. I did think about doing it but after doing Blogtober I need to catch up and write a few of my own posts without prompts. lol x

    1. You are so good at Blogging every day! I would love to have your commitment! xx

  2. I love this and love you. You’re looking fabulous, Mrs


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