Tuesday, November 06, 2018

What's your style?

Today's prompt, for Blog every day in November, is: Style.
It's a very subjective thing, isn't it? What one person loves, another will hate. I could be stood in a room wearing exactly the same dress as another woman, yet look totally different. We are all very different in shape, and size, which is a good thing.

I can't say I really have a set style, so I guess you'd call it eclectic. It really does depend on my mood, the weather, the occasion and obviously, what's clean! I'm not a fan of keeping clothes for 'best', I think life is too short not to dress any way you want. Due to this there are probably days where I look all dressed up, with no place to go! I really don't care though, if I want to wear one of my vintage dresses, on the school run, I bloody will! It doesn't take me any longer to put on than a pair of leggings and a hoodie?!

As I touched on, above, I do love a bit of vintage, particularly the 50's swing dress style:

I also love a splash of colour, as you may have noticed! I often get asked how I dress, with my hair so many colours. The truth? I don't even think about it! If I want to dress down a little, I'll wear a grey, otherwise colour is my life.

My hair has been through many transformations, which is another part of my style, I guess. I've had everything, from a blonde pixie cut, to a long rainbow. I like up, I like it down, I like it curly or straight.

I think I got my sense of style from my mother, she always taught me not to dress to fashion, instead buy things that will last through the ages. One of my favourite things to do, because I love all my clothes, is to keep them going all year. Basically I turn my summer clothes into winter ones, by adding long sleeve T-shirts and leggings! Simple.

Most importantly, dress for yourself! If your 'go to' style is jeans and a jumper, go for it! Most of the time the only person judging you, is yourself. We would be a much happier world if everyone just got on with their own lives, and let others do the same.

We can have different styles, and opinions, and still be friends. I love my rainbow hair, hence why it's permanent, that doesn't mean I think everyone should do it! 

I'm hoping I've passed this on to my boys. All 3 have very different tastes, in clothes and hair, so I'm hoping their confidence will grow, along with their individuality.

Anyway, I am not saying I'm stylish, however much I love my style, it's not for everyone.

Just love who you are, and don't judge others for doing the same.


  1. Oh wow! You look so different with your hair just one colour. To me you are Ojo with the rainbow hair! At the moment my style is leggings/jeggings and a jumper. I'm all about the comfort x

    1. Nothing wrong with a bit of comfort! I've been every colour lol x


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