Friday, November 02, 2018

Travel, ummmm:

So today's prompt, for Blog every day in November, is travel. Kind of a hard one for me..

Ojo don't travel!!

I actually wrote a post about why I don't travel, HERE. I just don't get the need, the urge. I'm not saying everyone else shouldn't, just that we are all different.

So let's talk about the one *sort of* travel, I actually do.

As I said, in yesterdays post, my youngest is on the autistic spectrum. He doesn't particularly like leaving the house, even school is a struggle and involves a bit of bribery. This years bribery involves a term time trip to London (he's not a fan of beaches either, so this years holiday was a London break). 

Anyway, I wandered off topic there, one of the things he LOVES, are car rides! He loves sitting in the car, music on his headphones, window wide open. Every single day involves a car ride, if he doesn't get one, he'll remind you at bed time! We probably spends more money on fuel, per year, than we spend on actual holidays!

He also loves staying in hotels, in a family room. He doesn't want anything fancy, again talking about the London trip, we spent 5 days in a Travelodge. He LOVED it, it was a fabulous week.

We are considering going for days out, which involve long drives. One of the places we've considered is Burnham-on-sea, nothing fancy, but somewhere we could sit and watch the world go by, with an ice-cream, while Ajax gets a lovely long ride.

So, that's my version of travel.
It may be different to others, but it makes us happy.


  1. It’s good to read a different perspective. Not everyone likes travelling or new places but as my Gran always said “if we were all the same, life would be very boring” xx

  2. I don't travel either. We have days out and that's about it. We all prefer being at home.

    1. Same here, something about home comforts x


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