Saturday, November 03, 2018

Still Going!

I think this might be some sort of record for me, day 3 of a challenge and I'm still going! I usually give up by now, yet here I am, at 10pm, still tapping away.

Today's prompt is: LISTS

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

If I'm honest, I wasn't sure what to write about this. Don't get me wrong, I bloody love a list. I write a list when I go on holidays, go shopping, things to do, things I need, things I've run out name it, I have written a list for it. I'm not into the whole bullet journal thing, basically lists in the extreme, that is too much effort for me. 

My problem was: What should I list a write about? I've listed my favourite books and films, in the past, in different ways. Should I list all the colours in my hair? Nope, that would take far too much time.
How about a list of things I have heard, or hate hearing, as a parent of children with various needs? Ugh, so many people have done that already! I literally have nothing new to add there.

So, how about a list of things I like, about me!!!!
I'll just give you a minute to take that in......

If you know me, that will come as a massive shock. If you don't know me, let me explain. I am incredibly negative about myself, I never feel good enough, slim enough, nice enough. Recently though, I'm trying to show myself that I AM ENOUGH

Honestly, I think this is something I think we should all do. I don't mean walk around like you are the best at everything, just simply acknowledging that you DO have positives, make a note of them and make yourself listen.

So, here goes (I've challenged myself to find 10!):

1: I love my hair.  Doesn't really need much of an explanation, does it? I mean I have rainbow hair!!

2. I have great legs. I really do! They are not long, but they are strong.

3. I have fantastic boobs! (sorry any family reading!). I am classed as middle aged now, yet they've stayed where they are supposed to, and look fab!

4. I'm close to my parents. I do think this is something to like about myself. Whatever the past threw at us, it's gone. I'm close to both my parents and proud of that fact.

5. I'm a good mother. Us parents don't give ourselves enough credit! I have 3 wonderful boys, would they be wonderful if I was a crap parent?! Obviously not, so credit where it's due, I think.

6. I can be a good friend. However, if I feel I am being taken advantage of, or friendship has become a one way street, I will run for the hills.

7. I don't judge. I don't care what colour your skin is, who you love or what you do. If you aren't hurting others, I won't judge you.

8. I make great cakes. Well I like them, so do my family!

9. I'm thoughtful. I try not to hurt other people's feelings, if I do so it is genuinely unintentional.

10. I am proud that I found 10 things!!

So, if someone as negative as me can find 10 things, what's stopping you? 
I challenge you to find 3, that's a small number, go do it!

Much love


  1. I am loving you blogging every day. hehehe
    Good on you for being positive about yourself. I love your hair too! I want your hair :D

    1. Thank you! Add a splash of colour! If you go for a temp one, it will wash out if you don't like it xx

  2. I love this list! And yes you’re a great friend and have great boobs!!!


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