Monday, November 05, 2018

My own Rebellion!

Today's blog prompt is: Rebellion.

Apart from my slightly wild hair colour, I don't really have a rebellious streak. Any sort of conflict really upsets me! I don't know when that changed, I was a VERY rebellious teenager! I settled down quite quickly, after meeting Mr. Ojo (who was also very rebellious), we were married just after my nineteenth birthday.

So to be rebellious today, I'm going to write about something else!

I'm booked in to have my nails done, this Friday, so It's time to decide what to have. Pinterest is my big 'go to' for this, even more so with the Christmas nails starting.

I've had some wonderful Xmas nails, in the past, all done free hand, by the same woman:

I'm thinking of starting off gentle, seeing as it's only the beginning of November, maybe something like this:

Friday can't come quick enough!


  1. All of your nails are beautiful but I really like the 2nd set. They are so Christmassy x

    1. That was her idea, I wasn't allowed to see while she was doing it lol xx


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