Sunday, October 14, 2018

The conclusion to the wheelchair story:

Well, sort of.

So, if you've not read about this before, let's give you a quick run down:

We requested to have the wheelchair adjusted.
Were told he would probably need a bigger chair, so needed to be referred.
Contacted the physio, to be told he'd need to be referred back to them.
Went to the Dr, who sent a referral.
Then we were told: Because it's just for a wheelchair referral, there was no need for physio, any medical professional could do it.
Back to the Dr who sent of to the wheelchair service.
This was followed by lots of form filling and measurements taken.
This was when he first had his chair.

This is where we were, at the last update!

Well, hallelujah people! Wheelchair services have been out! They were supposed to go to the school, but so many hoops had to be jumped through to do that, we just had it done at home.

And........guess what???

Yup, he doesn't need a new chair, just some adjustments and new cushion & foot rests!!

I mean, seriously!? All the months this has been going on, basically we just needed a man with a spanner, that knew what he was doing.

If you ever wondered how ridiculous the system is, this is just a small example. That chair is the only way we can get out, as a family. It gives us freedom, I cannot express how important that is, for our sanity. It makes it easier for my hubby too, instead of stumbling on his crutches, on uneven pavements, he can use the chair like a walking frame. 


In other news this week, Ajax needs a filling in his tooth (no surprise there, getting him to brush his teeth properly is a real challenge).

Of course, this was never going to be easy: He has to go to hospital to be anaesthetised, because of his sensory issues. There is no way he is letting anyone near him with a needle! Of course, this means fun and games when they want to knock him out, with a needle!

So, that's my week summed up.
How are you all doing?


  1. Oh my goodness! It's ridiculous how many hoops you have had to jump through to get the wheelchair adjusted. At least you are getting it done now. Phew!
    Good luck with the filling x

  2. Glad that improvements have finally been made, phew. Ridiculous that it's so painful to get there though. And sorry to hear about the upcoming tooth and needle issues... wishing you lots of luck xx

  3. Glad you got it sorted eventually but there really should be a better way. Hope you got the man with a spanners number for next time xx


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