Sunday, October 21, 2018

How far we've come:

There's nothing like a bit of Facebook memories to remind you of where you were, and how you've moved forward.

I, personally, love them, particularly when I'm having a bad day/week. Like this week, for example: My anxiety has been playing up a bit, it knocks me utterly sideways. I can't see the good and worry about everything! It doesn't stop me, I won't allow it.

However, that's the time I love those memories. A few years ago, I would have sat home alone, with nothing but FB to vent my feelings to, I was a one woman pity party.

So let's look at how far this household has come:

My hubby was working ridiculous hours, with constantly changing rotas. I couldn't make any plans, because the crap company he was working for would change the work sheets at a moments notice.
Now I can make plans 6 months in advance! Yes, it's unfortunate that my husband had to be retired through disability but, I can pop things in my diary, knowing I'm going to be able to make it. I can book dental appointments, hair appointments etc etc, with no worries about having transport, or childcare.

Aw, they were so cute!

I had 3 young children
, with different needs and schools. Mornings were chaotic, even though I was as organised as I could be. It was bloody hard work.
My eldest now has his own flat, his own freedoms, he's worked damn hard to get there, and is still working hard, to stay there. My middle boy is in his final year of secondary school, my youngest about to leave primary! They still have different needs, but are much easier to talk to. Having the hubby home is a big help too, we can tag team.

I was exhausted, looking after very demanding children. It wasn't their fault, my eldest has always been anxious. We didn't realise my middle boy had high functioning autism, it became apparent when we learned more about ASD, and realised why he behaved like he did. My youngest was diagnosed as autistic with additional learning difficulties, we were still learning so much, especially how to raise a child like Ajax.
The boys grew up, life got a little easier with it. Either that, or I became better at handling it! We went through some really tough times with my eldest, he still takes medication to help, but he's better able to cope. I'm lucky he would always talk to me, still does. My middle boy really taught himself how to deal with any differences, as a teen he's so much easier to be around than he ever was, when he was younger! My youngest still doesn't sleep well and has added many other labels to his list of disabilities, but he's such a sweetheart to be around! Like I say, I may have just taught myself how to deal better.

The most up to date pic I have, of all 3.
Taken a year ago, the younger 2 have short hair now.


This is a whole post about me patting myself on the back. It can get easier, I promise. Obviously it can get harder too, but we get through, we survive.

Just remember that, whatever life throws at you, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It might seem a long way off, but it's there.

Much love

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