Thursday, August 02, 2018

Don't give up what you love:

This is about me, this whole blog is about me and my life. It's about my children, my life, my loves, ALL ME!

However, what I'm writing about today should apply to us all. Sometimes we all walk away, from something we love doing, for completely the wrong reasons. Usually we'll give up what we enjoy doing because of other people. They've either told us we aren't good at it, or we've been made to feel uncomfortable. Maybe we started to compare ourselves to others, then quitting because we aren't as good as them.

I did this, with Slimming world.

Actually, apart from being told I'm not good enough, the above reasons are exactly why I left, three weeks ago. I couldn't cope with others doing better than me, when they were admitting that they weren't following the plan half the time. I had convinced myself I was rubbish at this, that I am simply meant to be fat. There were people there that I'd started to feel uncomfortable being around, the sad part of that is: I love so many in the class I was in, I actually called them my Slimming World family. Thankfully, the ones I loved stay in touch, thanks to social media.

All of above is the wrong reason to leave something!!

You should never stop doing what you love, because of others! Yes, I did love going to class, weighing in each week, catching up and getting new ideas. If you love doing something, it doesn't matter what it is, you keep doing it! I think people are mad going for a run, but I admire them. They do what they enjoy, sod what anyone thinks, it's about THEM in that moment.

So this week I returned to SW. I went to a different class, with the same consultant. I actually think it was fate, she took over a new class, just as I was questioning my decision. The new class is the perfect time of day for me, and I really wanted to stay with this particular consultant, she so warm, thoughtful and helpful.

Do you know why I returned though? 
Because I bloody wanted to!

The decision was about nobody else, all me. That's what your decisions should be about. Don't give up what you enjoy doing, unless YOU want to. 

Keep running.
Keep going for that weekly coffee with friends.
Keep losing yourself in that book you love.
Keep doing whatever activity makes you, YOU.

Me, the hubby and Ajax went for a drive today, then we stopped and had a coffee. While they were sat I had to nip off to 'powder my nose', on my return I saw my hubby on his phone. I thought nothing of it, then he showed me the picture he had taken.

The angles are crap, it's not great quality, it's not posed. 
Do you know what? I love it!
Since getting myself out of the funk, doing what I want to do FOR ME, I am holding myself differently, when I walk. I am getting happier with the way I look. So I'm going to share the picture, because this is me:

For the first time, in a long time, I don't think I look crap. I'm a 45 year old woman, with a bit of meat and rainbow hair. I'm hoping the meat will lessen, especially going back to slimming world.

I think we get too caught up in what others think. This week I'm crazy with PMT, yet still feel invigorated and ready for life. Believe me, this NEVER happens, I'm normally wrapped in a quilt, while the hubby hides sharp objects. (Joke!)

Anyway, I guess the message I'm getting across is clear. Now go live you life to the fullest!


  1. Love this. Well done you. Keep doing what makes you you Jo as I think you are pretty special.

  2. Good on your for going back! I've been following your progress on Instagram and it's been incredible so you definitely shouldn't stop! Stay positive and do it for you :)

    Issy | MissIsGoode


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