Tuesday, July 03, 2018

A Letter to my Husband:

Yesterdays post was a bit of a catch up and a rant, today's will be a bit soppy, I'm afraid!

Today I'm writing a letter to the gorgeous Mr. Ojo:

To the man that changed my life:

Wow, can you believe it's 26 years, since we said 'I do', but it is, tomorrow! 

It was just out of the 80's, hence the hair! We look so young, so unready for life to take a hold.

We've been through some ups, and downs. You know the thing that bugs me the most, is when people, early in their relationship, think I don't understand, simply because we are so happy now........um, no! I get it, we get it.

There's been times in our relationship where we haven't spoken for days, weeks, even months (yes, actual months). We've broken every marriage rule ever created: Don't go to sleep on an argument, that one definitely got broken. Always say good night, ummm, nope. Like I said, so many ups and downs.

Life has thrown every thing at us. We've had times with no where to live, times that no one believed in us. The biggest struggle was the one to conceive, full of hospital appointments and fear, followed by baby loss and a biopsy scare that I only recently realised the severity of. 

We finally realised that children may not be in our future....and I fell pregnant! Can you believe that boy will be 21 this year?! It took a while to decide to try again, but when we did it happened immediately, you were so chuffed. Then boy number 2 came along, a BIG handful, still is haha. He was followed 5 years later, by our surprise. That final boy gave us a tough year, didn't he? Bleeding through pregnancy, several hospital stays, followed by a traumatic birth, that was serious for both of us. We always say he was meant to be.

The years since have seen our life, as we knew it, turned upside down. The diagnosis of our little one was hard for you to admit, but you never changed the way you loved him. Then the realisation that the reason RJ had been such hard work, was also autism. You've poured all your heart into those boys, and it shows, they love you as much as I do.

Then came you, having to be retired, as your body started to fail you. I hate seeing you in pain, all the time, but I get to see so much of you now, that is the biggest positive. You can now be more of a dad, to your boys, another positive. They love having you around, even with your bloody awful jokes!

I love those days where we simply put a film on, or sit playing on our phones, just being. Words don't have to fill the voids, we love each other enough to simply sit together, no discomfort.

I often get asked if it was love at first sight? No, definitely not! It was lust, I fancied you like mad, still do. I still get butterflies when you walk into a room, I don't think that will ever change. I still wonder what the hell you're doing with me, but you make me feel beautiful every single day, so I guess that's why.

So, happy 26th wedding anniversary, on the 4th July.

My husband, my lover, my best friend, the only person that I can stand to be around for any length of time (apart from our boys, obviously).

You will always be my lobster.



  1. Congratulations thought I recognised the look,We were married in 83 and I had the tash & long hair as well

  2. Aww! Happy anniversary to you both! x


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