Saturday, June 02, 2018

Half term week:

So, how as half term week been for you? (If you live outside the UK, half term week is the a week long break, in the middle of a school term). Has it been full of days out? Having fun in the garden? Maybe you are fortunate enough to have managed a little mini break?

Me? Oh, thanks for asking! 
I've done none of the above.

My week has been all about chasing my tail, while trying to spend time with all three of my, very different, boys.

Monday: Middle boy wanted to go to the gym, so we went for an hour. Then I came home and mowed the lawn, in the back garden nobody uses. I then hit 2 supermarkets, to get something for tea, as we realised we didn't have a ingredients for a full meal. (I would like to point out, I had slept downstairs the night before, on the request of Ajax).

Tuesday: I had promised middle boy a shopping day, in Cardiff city centre. It basically involved a day of rummaging around Primark and Matalan. In all honesty, it was lovely spending some 1 on 1 time with my teen, because he rarely leaves the bedroom! We got a good stash of new clothes, so he now has some that actually fit him. 

I came home to the still empty fridge, so shopping was desperately required. This is when my husbands knees gave out, and he couldn't move. Thankfully the teen came with me, and I got the weekly shop done, phew!

Wednesday: Most of this afternoon was spent at my eldest sons flat, cooking. He wants to learn to cook more, rather than living on takeaways. So the time was spent showing him the wonders of instant mash and frozen chicken, and just how many meals you can make out of them.

Thursday: I was seriously looking forward to spending time at home today, especially as this is where I could actually spend time with Ajax. My darling little one would never leave the house, if he could get away with it. In fact he's rarely even dressed. However, he reminded me that he wanted to go swimming. So 7:30pm, we ended up in the local swimming pool. I am glad we did, it really was a lovely hour, he talked to me more in that time than he usually does in a week. 

Friday: Nothing planned right.............wrong! Up early for slimming world, along with both boys. Ajax wanted to count his money, that he gets off his nan and granch, to see if he could afford a toy, as soon as we got home. All counted, he announced he wanted to go to the toy shop. Quite frankly, I'm so knackered by this point, he had no hope. Thankfully my hubby could do it.

Saturday: After a night of sleep, where I slept like the dead, a nice lie in would be perfect......wrong again!! My dad and his partner were visiting, since they moved, last year, we don't see them as much. So, up I got, and dressed, far earlier than I really wanted to. After they left, I run the mower over the garden again, you know, the one that no one uses!

Basically, if anyone wants me tomorrow, they can f**k off!
(unless they are bringing me a cake, or a Costa, then I'll love you forever)


So I hope you're enjoying your, picture perfect, half term........really!

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  1. It sounds like you have been kept busy! I hope you get some rest and peace tomorrow.
    Your boy seems to be getting on well. Good on him for wanting to learn to cook x


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