Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Belated weekly catch up:

I was going to try and do a catch up, each Sunday.....well, that went a bit tits up, didn't it?!

The weeks just seem to rush by me in a blaze of school runs and appointments. Occasionally there is some time alone with the hubby, rare, but it happens. 

Last week was not a particularly stress free one. Ajax refused to go to school, all week. He had an appointment with the 'poop' doctor (I'm sure the paediatric consultant doesn't mind being called this), on Monday. There was nothing new there, just keep taking the Movicol, one day he may sit on the toilet again. We took Ajax out of school for this, then decided against fighting to get him back, this turned out to be the wisest choice.

He ended up with a raging temperature. We got home and he promptly fell asleep for 2 hours! This is totally unheard of, he sleeps a maximum of 6/7 hours a night, on a good night, and never sleeps in the day. He was quite lethargic all afternoon, he came up to my bedroom, where I was drying my hair, around 8, and was complaining that his head felt funny. Next thing I know he was fast asleep in my bed, and stayed that way until 8.30 the next morning! I couldn't settle, because he was going from burning up, to cold and clammy, all night.

The next couple of days he seemed to perk up, then drop down, we didn't know where we were with him. He'd seem fine, so we'd be ready to send him to school, he'd refuse, then half way through the day he'd drop back down and sleep for a couple of hours.

Basically I felt shit for not getting him to school, then shit for even thinking of sending him to school!

In the middle of all this was my birthday. I've written a post in the past (I'm far too lazy to link to it), about how much I dislike my birthdays. It's not my age, I'm 45 by the way, or that I don't like birthdays in general, I love every one else's. I just hate being the centre of attention, it makes me uncomfortable. However, every year, my hubby tries to give me a good one. He started this one with cupcakes and fizz:

I mean, that's not a bad start to the day!

It actually ended up being a good day, with some really thoughtful gifts. I had: unicorn slippers, an exhaustipated mug, a night at a murder mystery dinner, a new top from a shop I like in town and a gift voucher for my favourite shop. My mam then decided she was babysitting, and I got an evening at the cinema with Mr. Ojo:

I tried, amongst all this, to stay on my Slimming World plan, even having ONE cupcake, from that platter! (Who does that on their birthday?!)

So Friday comes, weigh day, and hubby pops on the scales first, losing a pound (well done hubby!). So I hop, expectantly, onto the have gained 2lbs!!! To say I was pissed off would be an understatement. I was seriously on one, by this point!

So I decided I was going to do something I rarely do, at least for a couple of years, I was going to have a good drink that night............and boy did I stick to it.

To cut a short story shorter: bottle of gin 1, Ojo 0.
(I have no memory of anything after, around, 10:30)

I would like to say, I still managed to get up Saturday and work my butt off, in the garden.

So that's another week, in Ojo's world, how's your week been?

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