Friday, March 09, 2018

What do you dream about?

We all have that dream, don't we, the one where we get the big lottery win? I dream it regularly, possibly because I've never had money!

My favourite dream is the one where I have the BIG win and get to build my dream house. I genuinely have the house mapped out in my head, every detail covered. 

It would be an old 'ranch style' house (think Dallas, the TV series, in the 1980's). A big entrance to the front, double doors, and a veranda going all the way around, including upstairs.

Inside would have a grand entrance, with a big stairway leading to the first floor (with a lift underneath, for Mr. Ojo). The downstairs would have a couple of sitting rooms, one for the family, one for relaxing and reading, and a cinema room.

One of the important parts of the downstairs would be my kitchen and dining area. I love my kitchen now, but to create a dream kitchen would be bliss! It would be in an extended part of downstairs, because there is something I really want it to have, Glass roofs.

Can you imagine? The bliss of having natural light, on a summers day, or hearing the rain on a wet day? Sitting at the breakfast bar, having your morning coffee, for either? This would probably surprise most people that know me, as they think I'm not a fan of the sun. It's not the sun, as such, it's sunburn that I hate. 

I love natural light, in the home. My current kitchen is quite dark, even with the conservatory behind it, you need the light on and that just isn't the same. I can see myself cooking in a beautiful, naturally lit, kitchen or, eating a candlelit meal under natural moonlight.
 Haven't I got you dreaming about it now?

My favourite room, in my little 3 bed semi, is the conservatory. It's been used for everything, it's been a dining room, sitting room, it's currently a toy room (have to find somewhere to store all that lego!). I really hope there comes a time when I can change it back into a room to relax in, a room to sit with a book and completely lose myself in.

As you can tell, this would be my favourite part of my house, because I haven't even mentioned upstairs! That would have as many bedrooms as I could fit, all with an en-suite. The verandas would lead out from each room, via patio style doors, so we could all meet for breakfast, if we choose.

Finally there would be a third floor, which would be a games room. A place for toys, for the youngest, and electronics for the teen. There would probably be a pool table and darts board up there too, I miss those days in the pub.

What would you do, if money was no object? Most people say they would see the world, but that doesn't appeal to me, at all. There would probably be a few trips, for the children, but otherwise it would be this house.

So, if anyone would like to buy me some lottery tickets???

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  1. My dream house would have a wrap around veranda too! But mine would be all on one level (with a garage underneath) on a hillside overlooking the sea.. One day, who knows?


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