Sunday, March 18, 2018

Rewarding Myself

If my children do something good, I reward them. We all do it, right? Having a child with autism means it might be a little more like bribery, but any autism parent will tell you that works. For example, just this morning, I may have talked my son into a hair cut (his hair is down past his shoulder blades!) with a visit to the Lego shop. I'm not holding my breathe, but the shop visit won't happen, until the hair is chopped!

We are quick to reward others, when they do good, so why can't we reward ourselves?!

A fellow blogger, and wonderful friend, Chaos in Kent, shared a post in one of our Facebook groups, just this week:

'Do not reward yourself with food, you're not a dog'

I love it! It sums me up perfectly. 
I lose weight, I have a cheat day.
I do some exercise, I have a bar of chocolate.
I write a blog post, I'll have biscuits with my tea.
The list goes on and on!

I've been thinking about this since, I think it's time I rewarded myself a little, and in non food ways.

So, how can I reward myself?
This weekend has felt like a reward, there's been lazy mornings, then movie time as a family. I feel more energised, because of it. More of that should happen, I think. More of us, cuddling on the sofa, sharing a quilt and watching films.

Another thing I love to do is read, yet I always feel guilty for losing myself in a good book. Why!? My youngest loves to read, he read a book when he came home from school, Friday. I didn't feel ignored, I felt proud. So I shall reward myself by reading a book, immersing myself in someones brilliant writing.

I may take up sewing again, just for fun. If I continue to lose weight it will be nice to make new clothes. I also love knitting and crochet, I'm not particularly good at them, but that doesn't matter, does it? It's the enjoyment it provides.

Summer walks are on my 'to do' list, this year. Ajax doesn't like going outdoors, but if we take his chair he's promised he's up for it.

What else can I do to reward myself?
What do you do, other than food?


  1. Food is a bit of a punishment really if you really want to tackle weight issues but we have such an emotional relationship I find. You should reward yourself. All mums should as we do loads. I want to be more creative this year getting back to sewing, knitting and crochet but don't know where to start at all as long-forgotten skills. Have just about managed to get back to reading 17 years after giving birth! Solitude is a treat I find in a busy life. #theMMLinky

  2. You're so right... I either reward myself with food, or a nap, LOL! Or spending money on things I don't need. Someone needs to accompany me at all times to slap things out of my hands! xD #TheMMLinky

  3. I treat myself with food too - it's the easy option. Only then I feel guilty, so what kind of reward is that?! I think I might start rewarding myself by buying a new notebook or planner instead :-) TheMMLinky


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