Thursday, March 01, 2018

Let's talk Motivation:

My own motivation has been lacking, the past few months. With a bout of ill health that knocked me sideways, upcoming school discussions worrying me and stressing about operations my hubby is having, basically I've not thought of myself enough.

I've been seen mostly, these cold winter months, slouching on the sofa watching movies with Mr. Ojo. The school run has involved unbrushed hair and whatever clothes I could find that looked tidy, big coats have been worn, to hide behind. I have run late to everything, which really bugs me, I don't like being late (even though I always was, as a youngster). Mostly, I've been hiding from people.

The problems my body threw at me have got better.......and I had a little bit of a light bulb moment.


I've been thinking about motivation a lot. The thing I needed the most help with, has been my ongoing battle with my weight. I've said in previous posts, I've never been small. 
I remember once, when I was 16, I got into a size 12 clothing.
  Ahhh, what a wonderful few days that was!

However, for the first time.......I actually seem to be losing weight!
What is it that has finally got me in the right place?

Obviously, I want to live longer. Ajax is probably going to need us well into adulthood, but that's been the case since we had him.

I don't have any special occasions (well that actually changed today, as I have the BAPs awards in May), but no weddings, holidays, special parties etc.

So what has worked, finally?

That's right I'M motivating myself! 
It actually works too!

If I don't feel like moving, I remind myself that no-one is making me, it's ME that wants it.

If I feel like eating junk? I ask myself why?! 
Not in a philosophical way, more like 'No, you daft cow, you can't lose weight eating a giant bar of chocolate!?

If I'm feeling tired, I remind myself to take care of me, too.

It's all so bloody simple isn't it?

Why hasn't someone taught me this before!?

What motivates you? Do you need something, or are you just one of those super human types that is naturally fit and healthy?

I'd love your opinions.


  1. Oh my gosh YES! I totally get that... it's been since putting myself first (yes, I really do need to go to bed at 11pm if I want to actually have a decent day tomorrow... no that last episode of *insert-bingeable-show-here* is not worth it) that I've been finding myself more able to get things done!

    As for being a bit of a hermit during winter... isn't that what it's for? ;) I mean, life is full of cycles - that's what makes the balance, not keeping everything going at the same time, you know? You're more likely to be out and about more during the warmer months due to better weather, but to balance that winter is a time of rest and hibernation. I mean jeez, the bears totally have it right! #TheMMLinky

  2. Hi, I’ve shared your fab post on my PainPals regular feature Monday Magic – Inspiring Blogs for You! Claire x

  3. Well done Jo! I'm finding it hard to get motivated about things at the moment, I'm just overwhelmed! Reading the posts in the linky usually helps me for a while though! Thanks for joining in x #TheMMLinky


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