Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Autism Awareness: The everyday

As I said, in yesterdays post (you can read that HERE), it's autism awareness week. I live with it every day, so I'm sharing posts that raise awareness, that will hopefully bring more acceptance.

Today I wanted to write about our every day lives and how they may differ from the 'norm':

I love moving my furniture around, whenever I do this I have to make sure I leave a 'passageway'. Ajax stims like crazy at home, running back and forth, flapping his hands and talking. He goes the full length of the house sometimes, luckily we don't have a big house! 

Changing pull ups. I never thought I'd still be doing it, for my 10 year old, but I am. It's not his fault, sensory issues mean he is completely constipated, he hasn't sat on a toilet for 2 years. We can pin down the time it all changed, the 'trigger' for it. Unfortunately, there's not a lot we can do about it, except keep giving him Movicol.

Following on from above: Conversations about bodily functions are a daily occurrence! Trying to normalise it, so that one day going to the toilet will, hopefully, happen again.

Bribery: Yes it's a daily thing. It doesn't always have to be materialistic, sometimes it's simply 'if you do this, this can happen'. It's just trying to make him understand consequences.

Judging his mood, by his clothing. If he walks through the door and strips, then hides under a blanket, he's had a bad day. The better the day, the longer he stays dressed.

Watching a film, over and over again! Oh yes, that happens a LOT. A lot of the time, it's on a tablet, so keeping those fully charged is also important.

Having to Google answers to random questions, like: What is *insert word*, in Chinese!?

Lego. Not just one or two sets, literally a HOUSEFUL.

Having to keep everything. Today I mentioned getting a new coat and giving his current one to a charity shop. That really upset him, so I've promised to keep it under the stairs, until he's ready. I have lunch boxes in that cupboard from nursery, he's 10!

NEVER changing routine. We take the same route, back and forth to the school. There isn't exactly much variation, as I live very close, but there can be no deviation, even down to where we cross.

Always being aware of the clothing being picked out. He has to have socks on, and they have to be inside out. He literally will not move, until socks are on his feet, but the seam bothers him immensely. He won't leave the house without gloves and will not, under any circumstances, wear shorts! We can remember the day he fell and scuffed his knee, that was the last time he wore shorts. 


These are the 'normal' days, for us. It all gets disrupted with school holidays, that's a whole different challenge.

Do you have anything to ask? I'll answer whatever I can.
If you have autism in your family, what is your normal, that might surprise others?

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