Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Too many changes!

One of the things that most people know, about autism, is that our children don't deal well with change. Unfortunately, in life, changes happen!

Then it's left to the autism mam/dad to deal with the fall out.

My son doesn't 'meltdown' in the way a lot of people think of a meltdown. We have heartbreaking tears, they genuinely effect everyone who sees them. So the past few months have been quite hard to watch, as my beautiful, happy, boy has struggled.

Since September he has had a new teacher join with his other two, there's been new children in the class, his brother has moved out and we moved the bedrooms around, to fit us all in a little better. Oh, and our beautiful dog, of 11 years, passed away.

He seemed to deal with things, as they happened, but he was just lulling us into a false sense of security! 

The past few weeks we've dealt with VERY restless nights, school refusal, terrible anxiety and mood swings galore. All of which have left us utterly exhausted and drained. I can't say that one thing is worse than another, they are just hard to deal with as a whole.

Add to that my youngest suffers with extreme constipation, which means he has to take a laxative type drink daily, and is still in pull ups. This week we were informed we have to up his intake of the Movicol (the laxative type drink), and it may continue for quite a few years. As this isn't classed as a medical problem, we don't get help with continence products. I can't begin to tell you how much it adds up to, per month, to keep him clean!

So if you've wondered where I've been, and why there have been very few updates on social media, this is why. We are buggered, beyond tired!

It's affecting my health and well being. My weight loss has been at a standstill and it looks like my iron is low again, I had a blood test last week and have been sent a letter already, asking for me to make a Doctors appointment, no genius needed to work out why.

Until our boys get used to the changes that are going on, we just keep plodding along, coping as best we can.

The gradual Christmas trim up has begun:

This year, above all others, it's really important to do it bit by bit. Another change would not go down well.

I am looking forward to Christmas though, we are determined to make it a good one. I love everything to do with the season, as you can see:

So, are you getting ready for Christmas, however you celebrate?
Is life good in everyone else's world?


  1. Ahh! Bless you! It sounds like you are all having a rough time.
    Ugh! That must be so frustrating...How can extreme constipation not be a medical problem. My youngest still wets herself and we do more washing than the average household but we manage. Buying continence products must be really expensive.
    Try and keep your chin up. I love those nails! x

  2. Sorry to hear these Jo. Change isn't a good thing for any child on the spectrum and too often you are surprised by their reactions.

  3. Sending hugs from a place called Tired in Ireland xx

  4. I love you so much in how honest and open you are and self-deprecating and funny and just wonderful. Respect to your son for letting you write about his mental health struggles. He has an amazing champion in you I know and his Dad too from what I can make out. Post again when you can - always love to hear how you are getting on or drop me an email or really whatever. I am pre-menopausal too so huge energy dips that are quite unpredictable and then just when you think the last period has come, another one pops up pointlessly, Anyway, sending you good vibes for a positive New Year


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