Sunday, October 15, 2017

Love, Movies & Novels

I've missed 3 days! (I'm actually writing this on the 4th day, but I'll write that post tonight). That means I've missed L, M & N. So I guess I'll just talk about the movies and books I love!

We are big movie lovers in this house, Mr Ojo and I have always loved cwtching up with a film, and it's rubbed off on our youngest and oldest, our middle one loves the cinema but rarely sits with us to watch a film at home. 

If you leave us alone, it will most likely be a horror on the screen! We have watched some truly awful ones, but we still love them! We also love action and comedy, but we can watch those any time.

Films we love as a couple:

The Grudge: Scared the poop out of me, I actually hid on this one!
The Sixth Sense: Someone told me there was a great twist, at the end of this film. Ruined the film a bit, because I guessed the twist early on! Grrr. Still a great film though.
Saw: The first one will always be the best. Low budget and brilliant.
Die Hard: Any of them! Bruce Willis, a bad guy, and a dirty vest, what more could you want.
Marvel: Again, pretty much any of them.

Films we love as a family:

Peabody and Sherman: It just as well be on repeat in this house, so funny.
Ice Age: I have watched Collision Course so many times this year!
Marvel: (Again). We love Guardians of the Galaxy the most, as a family. Who couldn't love baby Groot?!
Storks: This is another new one that doesn't get dull, the wolves! Watch it, just for them!

Books I Love:

I'm a big book lover, it's rare to see me without a book/kindle near by:

In fact, the book on the picture is part of my current reading list. My hubby spotted the author, while at the library one day. She has a LONG list of 'in death' books, I'm currently on no. 12. It follows a murder detective, set in the future. It's dark, but very well written, if you like a good crime thriller, I would highly recommend.

Another I love is totally different style of book. I've recommended them to loads of people, but no one has taken up the tip yet. It's another series, written by Robert J Crane, that starts with Alone. The first 3 books actually come as a set, free, on Amazon kindle: Girl in a box. It follows the story of Sienna, she's a modern day teen, sarcastic, that's descended from gods, a meta human. Honestly, my description does not do it justice, they are simply awesome books.

Another great read, that my hubby actually read too, it was such a book, is 'The 100 year old man, that climbed out of the window and disappeared'. My history knowledge is not fabulous, so how accurate the historical references are, I don't know. However, if you want a heartwarming, laugh out loud book to read, this would be it.

I could talk all day about the books I've read, or waiting to read, but I have a book waiting for me!

If you read, or have read, any of these do let me know.
What are your favourite films too? 
Are you a horror lover, or hater?


  1. I love reading but just do not have the time anymore. I said only the other day, that I need a six week holiday in the sun lying on a sunbed. I can then get through a book a day and catch up on all the books I want to read. When I've finished Game of Thrones (in about a year lol, each book is 800+ pages long) I will come back here and try your first recommendation.

  2. Ugh - hate horror! I did not know you loved books so much and admire you - I always think time to read was one of the things that got lost in the parenting mix although I am managing to get back to it and currently reading a novel about an adopted woman who does not know she is and then gets into a relationship with someone who does know she is. It's a light enough read which is what I can cope with


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