Wednesday, October 11, 2017


You may have noticed by now that the Blogtober prompts are alphabetical. I didn't notice until someone else pointed it out, I'm not the brightest sometimes!

So obviously today is K for kitchen. This isn't as hard to write about, as you'd think. Simply put, it's my favourite room.

It's a perfect mishmash of cupboards and counter tops. It's forever changing, and always will be. At the moment, as you can see, it's two shades of purple and that's one thing I probably won't change. It's never as tidy as I would like it, this photo was taken on a very good day!

Funnily enough, we are changing it this week. We are taking the cabinets out of the conservatory and adding them to the kitchen.

It's where you'll find me when I'm stressed, Netflix playing in the background, while I bake my little heart out. I love baking, thankfully my boys seem to like me doing it too!

I've fed my children from it, I've made their birthday cakes from it and I've cooked romantic meals in it. In recent years I've made homemade Christmas gifts from it, which seem to be appreciated.

Now my hubby is permanently home, it's the place we enjoy being together. I rarely use ready meals, preferring to cook all my meals from scratch. Having Mr. Ojo in there, helping to chop the veg, nattering away, is simply heaven to me. At some point his disabilities will get worse and this not be able to continue, so we enjoy it while we can.

I love throwing together a curry, from scratch, probably our favourite meal to cook, and eat. The joy of cooking it yourself is, it never tastes exactly the same twice! Don't get me wrong, I'm not a great cook. I've had some disasters, like my 'mud slide' cake:

It wasn't supposed to look anything like that, but it still got eaten, they don't care as long as I've made it. Maybe it's because it's made with love? More likely because I'm 'nice mam' when I've had a relaxing day in the kitchen!

What's your favourite room?
Do you have a favourite thing to cook or, like me, do you find cooking anything relaxing?


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  1. I'm so jealous of your kitchen! I've just showed my fella the photo and said "see purple can look nice in a kitchen. lol


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