Monday, October 09, 2017

Ice Cream!?

Today's prompt is Ice Cream. 
This utterly stumped me, so instead, I'm going to write about the reason I can't write a post about Ice-Cream.

Firstly, I'm lactose intolerant. This is not officially diagnosed, I thought I'd save the doctors time and eliminate food, then reintroduce it, myself. I have suffered with my stomach since I was young, but have never really known why. So after reaching out to Twitter (yes, I know, but I was fed up of feeling ill one evening), I went with the majority opinion and looked into food intolerance's. 

I know I'm not allergic to anything, as I don't have severe reactions. To be blunt, I have unpleasant reactions, my stomach bloats and......well you can imagine the rest, I'm sure! After going through all the food, taking it out and adding it back in, dairy came up as the winner. Or loser, I suppose.

Actually, today is a perfect example. I met friends for coffee this morning, I decided to treat myself to a Costa chocolate brownie. It turns out it was Gluten free, and delicious by the way, but had the normal dairy products. Boy have I suffered! I'm writing this from my bed, because I feel so sick and bloated!

After having the standard 5 hours sleep last night, thanks to my sons tummy playing up, this is not a good day.

The second reason I can't/don't want to write about it: I'm going to slimming world! Although a certain amount of syns are allowed, I'm not going to waste them on something that makes me sick!

Not forgetting reason number three: I have type 2 diabetes. It came on as gestational diabetes, then never left. This doesn't mean I can't have Ice-cream, but I do have to think about what else I'm eating around it.

So there are the reasons I'm not going to write about Ice-cream.......

Ice cream has led to some of my favourite pictures though! Particularly this one of Ajax, when he was little:

Not the best quality, but so freaking cute!


At this point, I'm going to be honest:

 I, Ojo, still eat Ice-cream!

I shouldn't, but I can't resist! Same with chocolate etc. I have had to learn how much, and what my body can and can't cope with (obviously brownies are now off the menu). My family have to live with the consequences too, in fact my children will usually ask if I've been eating chocolate, when the smell hits them! haha! (TMI? Tough, it's my blog!).

What's your favourite flavour?



  1. Ahh! I am glad you can still eat a little ice cream and chocolate.
    hehehe! The TMI did make me chuckle x

  2. Dairy intolerance must be a pain. I could live without icecream but not chocolate #blogtober17

  3. I can't imagine not being able to have dairy - it must make life hard. And I don't think I could live without ice cream! #Blogtober


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