Sunday, October 08, 2017


I know my favourite place in the world for holidays, but when I knew I was writing this I asked my Facebook friends where they loved. The variety of answers I had was incredible. From beautiful, close to home, places to the four corners of the globe.

I'm not a traveller, the bug simply didn't hit me. I love my mams pictures, from the places she goes, but the urge to go myself has never hit. This always surprises everyone, I mean why wouldn't someone want to see the world?! I simply don't.

There's also the issue of my children. I don't know if my youngest could cope with a flight, or a boat ride. If you've never lived with autism, you probably wouldn't get it, but if that child says no, then we have to stop. The trauma of pushing him to do something he doesn't want to would be too much to bare!

Weirdly, his favourite type of trip is a stay in a budget hotel! Give that boy a few nights in a Travelodge or Premier Inn and he is over the moon!

Our holiday destination every year though is South West Britain. Cornwall is my dream place, but Somerset and Devon are a very close runner up. While we are there, we always try to head to Perranporth. Even when packed, it's still a beautiful place to spend a few hours (this coming from someone who's not a beach lover either).

We had a bit of a sensory incident this year, so it wasn't a long stay! Ajax caught his finger on something, and the hunt for a plaster, to calm him down, was on! Luckily, there are a few shops right by the beach that saved our day. Including a few ice cream parlours:

To be fair, anywhere is an adventure with my lot, not always in a good way!

Where's your dream destination?


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