Thursday, October 05, 2017


So we've hit day 5 and, I have to say, I'm thoroughly enjoying the prompts and getting back in to the habit of writing. It's even helping me sleep better, probably because I'm using my brain!

Today is all about education. Now this could be a *don't get me started* type post. I detest the British education system, where children are treated like cattle: Everybody learn the same way, or get ignored! It infuriates me so much! The system wants our children to grow up way too soon.

I've decided not to go on one of my rants though, and talk about what happens next, for us. For those that haven't read me before (where the hell have you been!?), I have 2 sons, 2 on the autistic spectrum. They are at completely different levels, my one son will probably live a full, and constructive, life. He works hard, and with minimal support, but I detest his school. 

Bullying is rife with, seemingly, nothing being done. The teachers look harassed and like they've given up. If you come from a well off family, or you excel at something, you are favoured. That's how see it and, as he's my 2nd child through the school, I can't see that attitude being changed any time soon.

Now there's my youngest, my gorgeous Ajax. The time is coming for us to think about his future and, possibly, admit some truths to ourselves as parents.

He would not survive a mainstream school. He's only managing the one he's in now because of the support, and changes, they've put in place. They've supported him through the primary years in a way I can only applaud. However, his behaviours are getting more noticeable as he grows. He's still a happy child, that rarely gets angry, even when he does he would NEVER take it out on others. Basically, he's an absolute sweetheart, that has autism.

We are going to be looking at something a little more suitable for him, as an individual. 
This may mean a SEND specific school.

Even though I KNOW he's autistic, and has a lot of the stimming, flapping, rocking and sensory issues, that come with it, to me? He's just my darling boy.


If I try to avoid the special school route, who am I doing it for? Am I doing what's best for him, or lying to myself?

It has to be about him, and always will be.

So, in the coming months, me and Mr. Ojo will be visiting schools and seeing what's the best fit for Ajax. He is more likely to learn in a relaxed environment, and with lots of books! That boy has an insatiable appetite for encyclopedic type books. No fiction for my boy, all facts.

Education will always be a subject for discussion, it's an emotive issue.
At the moment though, it's all about what's best for us.


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  1. Good luck with finding the perfect school for your boy. You have to do what's right for him. Some SEND schools are amazing. x


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