Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Dates: Blogtober 17

Today's prompt is dates, obviously! It's a very broad prompt, and can make your mind go in all sorts of directions. 

So being me, I thought I'd follow all those directions, rather than just picking one!

First dates: My first date with Mr. Ojo isn't really suitable for this blog. Mainly because my parents will probably read it and they really don't need anymore proof that I was a tearaway teenager! I was 16, it was kind of set up by friends, I met him in a pub and I'd had a crush on him for a while. That's it, that's all your getting! It obviously worked, because that was 28 years ago and I still adore him.

Wedding date: A cloudy July morning, wearing a dress my mam had made. I didn't want a wedding dress, but she insisted I had something, so I wore it. It was 1992 and we still had the 80's look:
Don't laugh, it was the look!

Renewal date: In 2002, our 10th wedding anniversary, we renewed our wedding vows. If I'm honest, I did it more for my mam. I'm her youngest, and her only daughter, she wanted me to have a proper wedding. As much as I hate the idea of standing up in front of others, I did it again. This time with one child, and another on the way:
So much less 'hair'.

Birth dates: I can remember the date, day and time, of each of my sons births. I always wanted to be a mother, and it was a bit of a challenge to get there, you can read about that in my Babies post. Each birth was before, or after, it should have been, they were all induced and each labour lasted way too long! In the end, they are worth it though. 

My Birthday: I'm very odd about my birthday. I really don't like making a fuss, my birthday isn't even on Facebook. I don't like receiving gifts, I would rather someone take me shopping, so I can pick my own. Weirdly though, I love making a fuss of others, on their days! 

The date I moved into my house: We were so lucky with our house! My hubby happened to be driving past a house for sale, that suited us perfectly, just as it went up for sale. It was going for the grand price of £25K! One thing after another fell into place, and we moved in when our eldest was a few months old. Up until then we had moved from house to house, but we've stayed here nearly 20yrs. I can't imagine being anywhere else.

Date night: What's one of those!? These seem to be fewer and farther between, these days. I hate to ask my mother too often, but she's the only sitter I have! (she'll be so annoyed with me, if she reads that. She always complains we don't go out enough). My favourite date night is a movie, I do love the cinema and we're very lucky to have a cheap, but very good, local cinema.

Anniversaries: We try to celebrate all our anniversary's. Wedding, date we met, date we got engaged, the lot. The best one, so far, was the the last wedding anniversary, our Silver wedding, 25 years. We spent 4 days in London, catching the sights and doing all the touristy stuff. It was utterly wonderful and will live in my memories for years:
I took this at the theatre, in our very own box!

I think I've covered everything, except sell by dates! (which I ignore, I go with my nose).

What's your favourite date? I can't wait to read how others interpret this prompt.


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  1. Oh what a lovely post! I love the fact you had two weddings (sort of!) It's lovely - very romantic! Xx


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