Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Cars: Blogtober 17

I have to be honest, when I saw today's prompt, I was stumped! I have little, if no, interest in cars whatsoever. I didn't even pass my driving test until I was 30, and that was more through necessity that anything.

I was a working mum, with 2 young children. I always worked around my hubby, to save on childcare, so it was always evening work. Picking me up from work, at 10pm, with a 5 year old and a new baby wasn't even slightly practical!

Even the cars we've chosen have been for practical reasons. Our current car is a Zafira, a mobility car. We chose it because our children are getting bigger, in size as much as age, so they need more leg room, 7 seats can give them that. We also need the room in the boot, to get Ajax anywhere involves a wheelchair. He's able to walk, but cannot cope with people and places, his chair gives him security. 

The hubby would struggle to get in and out of any car too small, or too low to the ground. Basically our car was the only option, and we'll probably choose the same type again!

Our first car, when the hubby passed his driving test was a Mini Metro:

That car seriously took us places! It was a funny little car, it would jump out of gear for no reason and the windscreen wipers wouldn't work when it was raining! The funniest thing about that little car, though, was seeing my hubby getting in to it! He's 6'2", these cars were not made for him!

Oh look, I just babbled a whole post about cars! 

I really can talk for Britain, can't I?!



  1. Oh goodness I can't imagine him getting in one of those!I was late passing too, was never bothered when I was younger.#Blogtober17

  2. I didn’t realise you passed your test so late. How did I not know that?

  3. Oh wow ... the old, trusty Mini Metro! They were everywhere when I was growing up, especially growing up in Essex as they seemed to be the choice of 'boy racers'! I know what you mean about learning through necessity too - as much as many things make me not want to learn, 3 young kids would be so much easier to entertain in the holidays if I were mobile!

  4. My Zafira was written off last year, I miss her! It felt like I was driving a bus

  5. My dad has a Zafira. He's had it forever and he loves it. It's amazing how much you can fit in it. lol
    Ohh! I haven't seen a mini metro for years.


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