Friday, October 13, 2017

Breaking the Rules

If you've popped on here, this month, you will know I'm following the Blogtober prompts. However, I've slipped!

Yesterday was Love, today Movies, tomorrow Novels. So to stay in line, I may just write about books and movies I love! Today, however, I am breaking the rules and writing for myself.

I'm flipping knackered! Too tired to think about anything. 
Ajax had a tummy bug, at the beginning of the week, it was not pleasant and kept him awake for a few nights. I don't talk about it much on here, but due to his sensory issues, Ajax hasn't had a solid poop for over 2 years. This means he has to take a laxative type medicine, called Movicol, and is still in pull ups. As you can imagine, a tummy bug in an, almost, 10 year old who still wears pull ups is not pretty. He suffered so much, was up on his knees all night, holding his tummy.

The first night we gave up on sleep, hubby brought him downstairs early hours hoping one of us would sleep, but I couldn't. The second night, I slept on the sofa while he slept in with his dad. We had some sleep, but not great sleep. Finally he slept in his own bed on the third night, but not for nearly long enough!

We are seriously exhausted.

When you add my other son, and his current Formula 1 obsession, our brains are fried. Every word out of his mouth is about it!

I've sat down this evening, after spending a glorious day at the hairdresser, and had the ins and outs of a pit stop explained to me!

We ended up having a take away for supper, which pisses me off because I really wanted a good, Slimming World, week!

So forgive me for straying off the prompts, I just couldn't think straight until I got all of the above off my chest.

Fingers crossed for a lie-in, tomorrow.


  1. I went off topic too. I just couldn't write a post about movies. I did one last year haha! It must be hard with your son, poor boy, Bear has had an upset tummy for two weeks now and it's so hard. I hope he gets well soon and you get a good nights sleep xx

  2. Ahh! Bless you! It sounds like you've had a rough week!
    I hope Ajax feels better soon & the Formula 1 season finishes soon so you can get a break. x


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