Monday, September 18, 2017

What a Week!!

I have had absolutely no time, or energy, to write, this past week. Since the beginning of September, our house has been crazy, utter chaos.

I think, if I had a saying, it would be:

We've had my eldest son having major problems at work, all sorted now, thankfully. The way some managers think they can talk to their staff, simply because they are young and inexperienced has absolutely stunned me! Thankfully he has moved shops now, and his future is looking brighter.

Which brings me on to the next thing: He's moved out! Eek! It very nearly all fell through, but a last minute reprieve came through and he was given his keys. Unfortunately, he was given his keys while we were in London. 
My husband gets discounted tickets for the football, because of his disability, and being a lifelong Arsenal fan he snaps them up. Because he can't drive that far anymore, we tend to look at discount hotels and all go up for the weekend. RJ is a big fan too, so he goes to the match with his dad, while me and Ajax hang out. Unfortunately, as much as Ajax loves staying in a hotel, he doesn't like LEAVING the hotel! Honestly, it's why I prefer Travelodge/Premier Inn, because everything is there. The place we stayed in this time was a bit rubbish for WiFi and things to do.

After a rather boring weekend, for me, it was up first thing Sunday morning to drive back to South Wales! We were home by midday, ready to help the biggest move. We knew he would be excited, we were when we had our first place, many moons ago! So the rest of Sunday was spent filling the car and helping him get set up.

Monday was the same.

Tuesday was the same!!

By Tuesday night, me and Mr. Ojo were exhausted. We had spent 3 days moving his stuff, as well as moving our stuff around to give the rest of us some, much needed, room. We were going to take Wednesday off! We were going to rest, watch a film, cwtch up.

Until Wednesday morning arrived, of course.

It's been a while since we've had complete school refusal from Ajax. I'm assuming this one was because of all the changes, around the house. Wednesday morning he would not get out of bed, he sobbed. 
Then sobbed and sobbed some more. 
It was utterly heartbreaking. He's too big now, for me to lift him down and carry him, so this battle was lost. We made a deal that if he spent the day with us, he would go in the next day. I think he just needed to spend a day of normality, a day where nothing changed.

The next day he went in, full of smiles again. Fab, a day of rest, right??


Nope, RJ woke up with a nosebleed. He suffers terribly with them anyway, but this was a doozy. It started around 7:45am, and he was still going at 9am! So off to the hospital it was. Usually the hospital states they can't do anything, unless it's still bleeding. Normally, by the time we get him to the A+E it's stopped, not this time. 
He'd got there, and seen a nurse and it was still bleeding! He finally stopped around 11am. Mr. Ojo took him, as I bring Ajax home for lunch everyday and we really didn't want to mess up his routine any more than necessary. The doc that saw him could see where the blood was coming from, and advised having it cauterised. He talked RJ through it, thoroughly and truthfully, but RJ decided he couldn't go through with it. 

He was advised that if his nose bled again, within 24 hours, he needed to be seen. So, he was stuck home for the rest of the day, moaning because I made him do homework! Cruel Mam.

Friday, our last chance at a break, before the weekend...........couldn't have another day of it, could we!?

Guess who woke up with a nose bleed?

Off back down the hospital, to have his nose cauterised, with me pacing the floors at home! Again, home for the rest of the day, to recover. 

This day was kind of an anniversary, for me and Mr. Ojo. It was 28 years ago, that date, we met. We have always celebrated this day, why not? We were going out to the cinema, my mum was babysitting.

She almost didn't though, as she phoned me late afternoon, she'd bumped her car!! Luckily she was fine, mostly upset about her car. So she turned up in time for us to go to the cinema, and I kind of wish she hadn't. We went to see Mother! 
My honest review? If you get to see if for free, you've been overcharged! It was, by far, the WORST film I've ever seen (and I've watched all the Sharknado's). By the time we got home we were exhausted. 

Ready for a restful, lazy, Saturday.


Saturday, RJ got up by 6. 
6 fricking A.M.
 What is wrong with my children!?!?!? 
We spent the day trying to get the house in some sort of order, because it had been a little neglected. Then keeping the eldest calm, as he was starting in a new store that night, he was a bag of nerves! Turns out, he loved it.

So it was an early night Saturday.

But wait, couldn't be a completely smooth Saturday, could it?!

Of course not, Ajax couldn't sleep. Guess who ended up in our bed, until 4am. By now, the Mr and I are running on fumes. 

My mam had decided, after a crazy week, we deserved a meal out. I can't lie, we had pretty much lived off takeaways, and whatever we could grab, all week, a nice meal sounded amazing. 

Ajax was suffering with his tummy a bit, but it's an ongoing problem, so I didn't think much of it. As soon as we got there, he asked to be changed. Of course, like the complete (tired) dip shit that I am, I didn't take his stuff with me!?

So it was a 'best I could do' job, and on with dinner. By half way through my carvery, Ajax was asking when we were leaving, this is usually time to pack up and go, but no one had finished! While everyone ate dessert, Mr. Ojo took him to the car, with my phone, so he could watch Netflix.

Everyone finished, we came home. Shattered, but at least full.

Another early night, with fingers crossed for a quiet week.

So far, that's not looking good.

The dog woke me up at 2:15am, needing the toilet. Then Ajax was awake at 4am, with an exploding bottom. There was no way to clean him, it would of taken half a packet of wet wipes, so Mr. Ojo ended up giving him a shower, early hours. He didn't settle after that, until Mr. Ojo was wide awake.

He ended up back asleep, not waking until 11:30am. 
so guess who's home for the day?

So, if you see me out and about, looking tired, this is why.

This is my life.

Just give me a hug.
(but I might fall asleep on your shoulder)


  1. Sending huge hugs and a few middle of the night waves too xx

  2. Ring me if you need to just vent, laugh or talk about stationery xx


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